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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
The Basics
Chapter 2:
Getting The Most From It
Chapter 3:
Using Hypnosis For Self Image
Chapter 4:
Getting Rid Of Bad Behaviors
Chapter 5:
Using Hypnosis For Stress
Wrapping Up

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Chapter 2:

Getting The Most From It

You are able to take self hypnosis a bit further if you want. You are able to learn to give yourself specific therapy as you become more established. Here are a few techniques you are able to use after you have reached relaxation.

Putting It To Use

What the brain conceives of, it trusts has truly happened. If you consider something bad happening to you, you’ll feel the emotions as though it’s truly happening. This can make the brain distressed, as it will inwardly trust that these things have truly happened to you.

Success spawns success, so if you envision yourself achieving something, then it will help you to do simply that. You may wish to envision yourself slimmer, healthier, more successful or wealthier for instance.

Or you may wish to envision yourself having achieved something, like a promotion or a new job. Make the image as real as you are able to, use as many of your senses as you are able to, and do this as frequently.

You’re only limited by your vision. As a matter of fact you should notice that your creativeness increases the more that you use self hypnosis, as your brain gets more accustomed to using its creative powers. Stick with it.

What I sometimes discover is that individuals will stop using hypnosis once they’ve made the essential improvements that they wished to make. All the same this may finally deny you the overall benefits of the increased relaxation, as affairs may slowly slip back to where they started. Set a particular time to do it, even if it’s only once or twice a week, and stick to it. If you have particular subjects that you wish to deal with, then step this up accordingly, perhaps daily for a few weeks.

This technique will help some of you to better your mental and physical well-being, and realize what a safe and powerful tool for change hypnosis is. As many people as possible should live long, healthy and happy and successful lives.

There are generally 2 basic categories of hypnosis, Suggestion hypnosis and Analytical hypnosis. Both are explained as follows:

Analytical hypnosis

This type of therapy requires a deeper and more committed state of mind. In this style of hypnosis the therapist will probe deeper into the mind of the person to find the exact cause and effect of a particular problem. People who have experienced traumatic situations that have left and unshakeable impression usually seek this kind of redress.

The aim is to treat the physical problem that is the product of the psychological distress. The success rate of this style is quite good and fairly long term. The person is able to understand the reason for the reaction brought on by the trauma and thus address it in a more suitable suggested manner. However several session may have to be conducted before this ideal is reached.

Suggestion hypnosis

Is the practice where a therapist or person will induce a trance like state in the person and then make or suggest simple and easy ideas or instructions to follow. These suggestions, instructions or ideas are positive in nature and are introduced into the persons mind with the intention of correcting any damaging situations, characteristics, etc.

This kind of therapy is useful to help people who have trouble with weaning of undesirable behaviors like smoking, taking controlled substances, repetitive unnecessary actions and many more. In the treatment session the therapist will suggest to the person the follies and encourage alternatives.

Unfortunately because the person is not required to be in a totally deep trancelike state for this type of hypnosis, the effects though seem initially to be successful may eventually wear off in time.

You’ll have experienced a hypnotic trance a lot of times in your life. It’s the frame of brain where you’re so absorbed in a book or movie that you become lost in that domain.

It’s that frame of brain where you drive for miles without thinking, and you don’t understand how you managed to get to your destination. It’s that frame of brain where you gaze into space, daydreaming about nothing in particular.

To deepen the trance or hypnotic state you will direct your brain to go into a deeper and deeper state of hypnosis by counting gradually from 10 (10) to zero (0). Some individuals prefer to count upwards from 1 to 20.

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