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Politics PLR Autoresponder Email Series

Autoresponder Message Titles:

– The Unlucky Andrew Johnson
– James Garfield — The Last Log Cabin President
– Abraham Lincoln — The Civil War President
– Dwight D. Eisenhower — The General President
– Ulysses S. Grant — The Union General President
– Harry S. Truman Drops THE Bomb
– Number One Observatory Circle
– Depression And The 100-Day War
– Benjamin Harrison — Little Ben
– The Monroe Doctrine
– James K. Polk — The Dark Horse President
– John Quincy Adams — Like Father, Like Son
– Millard Fillmore Adds California To The Union
– Thomas Jefferson — The Crusader
– John F. Kennedy — The Assassination
– The Dignity Of Rutherford B. Hayes
– Ronald Reagan — Actor And President
– James Buchanan — The Bachelor President
– The Honorable Chester A. Arthur
– Martin Van Buren — The Little Magician
– James Madison — The Writer
– Richard M. Nixon — Watergate
– Lobbyists — Undue Influence
– The 16th Amendment
– Gerald Ford
– The White House
– George Washington — The Politician
– Three Famous First Ladies
– Baseball — The Presidential Point Of View
– Woodrow Wilson And World War I
– “Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You…”
– The Third Assassination Of A President
– William Henry Harrison — The Death Of A President
– Bill Clinton
– Grover Cleveland Says “I Do”
– Theodore Roosevelt — The Trust Buster
– Lyndon B. Johnson — The Great Society And Vietnam
– George The Second
– Four Score And…
– Zachary Taylor — Old Rough And Ready
– John Adams — The Philosopher
– Funny Political Quotes
– Franklin Pierce And “Bleeding Kansas”
– Franklin D. Roosevelt — The Depression President
– John Tyler — His Accidency
– Presidential Assassinations And Attempts
– Warren G. Harding
– Bush 41
– The Presidential Oath Of Office
– Andrew Jackson — The President Of The People
– The Coolidge Prosperity
– Air Force One

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A Regular Joe’s Take

“A Common Sense Approach to understanding the political issues of the Presidential Election.” Earn 50% per sale ($2.72).


Huge variety of stupid gifts including political items. The Hillary Nutcracker has been one of their best sellers – you’ll want to check it out! Pays 10% per sale.


Print on demand service. Offers a variety of election related tee shirts and accessories, or you can design your own. Pays 15% commission on all sales; 20% commission for top performing publishers with a 30-day return cookie; you’ll also earn commission on all repeat sales Data Feed available.


Huge variety of books on political topics. “By linking to Amazon products and services you can add compelling content for your site visitors enjoyment and receive up to 10% in referral fees.” Amazon has a new “Make a Page” feature that allows you to specifically target your niche market.


Political prints and posters and a variety other accessories (including ties) can be found on Shop. Affiliates earn 3% to 5% commission on sales with performance incentives available.

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