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Chapter 1:
Sarah Jessica Parker

Chapter 2:
Oprah Winfrey

Chapter 3:
Jim Carrey

Chapter 4:
Demi Moore

Chapter 5:
Tom Cruise

Chapter 6:
Tom Hanks

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Chapter 1:

Sarah Jessica Parker


The Sex and the City celebrity was the youngest of 4 youngsters born into a struggling family in an Ohio coal-mining township. Her parents split up when she was two; before long, her mother remarried and had 4 more youngsters. With a lot of mouths to feed, her homemaker mother and trucker stepfather fought to get by. Parker’s way to stardom started early, however, when she landed her beginning Broadway role at eleven, and traveled to Hollywood in ’81 to appear on the television program Square Pegs. The actress is reportedly worth more than $one hundred thirty million now.

Starting Early

Parker started working at age eight, acting the lead in an after-school special shot in her hometown of Cincinnati. 3 years later, in ’76, she got her first Broadway play, The Innocents. At thirteen, arrived the head role in Annie. Other work came after, achieving a career high with HBO‘s Sex and the City. She’s acted in twenty-three movies, including The Family Stone, for which she was named for a Golden Globe.

“Nothing in life comes easy,” she has said. “You have to earn everything.” So you have to recognize the difference between what you wish and what you require.  “I always knew I needed to work.”

“Work was never about wanting fame or money,” she has also stated. She loves getting the job, attending rehearsals, lounging with a bunch of actors. “I needed that the way you need water”, she has said. She needed to act.

She is the youngest of 4 children born into a struggling family in Nelsonville, Ohio, a coal-mining township. Her mother quit a teaching job to raise her 5 sons and 3 daughters.

Parker wasn‘t brought up with money and privilege. Her biologic dad was a poet. Her mom was busy with 8 youngsters, and her dad was on the road. Parker has said a large part of not being affluent as a child isn‘t that you haven‘t the stuff you wish. It isn‘t living without heat or the telephone. It‘s resting in bed in the dark, thinking about your parents‘ worries…

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