Fashion PLR Ebook

When it comes to making money as a fashion designer, many individuals believe that they can only be successful if they see their designs on the runways in New York ...

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Fashion School PLR Ebook

Fashion School expensive, it is also high quality. What you need to know is that studying fashion is not cheap. However, it doesn’t really need to be ridiculously expensive. Some ...

Product Price: $5.95

100 Product Review Ideas PLR Ebook

This ebook will give you 100 product review ideas. It contains ideas for the different types of product reviews, the benefits you got from the product, the feelings the product ...

Product Price: $6.95

Fun-Filled Toys And Gifts: Choosing The Right Toys And Gifts To Make Other People Happy Plr Ebook

"Get All The Support And Guidance You Need To Permanently STOP Getting Crazy Looks When You Give A Gift!" This Book Is One Of The Most Valuable Resources In The ...

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Making Jewelry For Profit Plr Ebook

Want to learn exactly how to get started making jewelry for profit and learn what the pros do? Discover The Secrets For Successful Jewelry Making And Selling That Teach You ...

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Your Guide To Gems And Jewelry Plr Ebook

How to Have Your "Carats" and Wear Them Too! Your Guide to Gems and Jewelry

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Guide To Christmas Shopping PLR Ebook

It happens every year: You set a budget for holiday gifts, but quickly realize it’s just not enough. The only thing worse than the insane crowds of shoppers, which descend ...

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Dress Making Plr Ebook

Rock your personality in a dress you made yourself that reflects who you are, not what a department store thinks you want... Discover The Beginners Guide to Making Your Own ...

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How To Price Your Product Or Service Just Right PLR Ebook

Pricing: All You Need to Know If you are trying to sell something on the Internet, pricing your services/ products would be the single most important decision you will take. ...

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