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The self help industry is worth over $9.6 billion dollars a year, according to data by Marketdata. This astronomical number is possible because no matter what the market looks like, people are still willing to spend money on hope.

Self help is one of the few industries that can cater to every human need. It can promise more money, more power, more respect, more health and even more sex – By following the steps taught in a guide, workshop, video or website.

Get a slice of this $9.6 billion dollar market by providing great content and quality products that other people find genuinely useful.

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Become A Super-ager PLR Ebook

It’s far too common for people to Google their symptoms in an attempt to figure things out for themselves. Keyword searches for “home remedies” have been growing in popularity every ...

Product Price: $5.95

Ultimate Hustle PLR Ebook

People are always looking for how-to videos that show them how to achieve a goal, complete a task or simply to learn something new. This makes video tutorials extremely profitable ...

Product Price: $5.95

Loving Your Imperfect Body PLR Ebook

For men, the physical ideal has also shifted. Just look at the leading men in any Marvel movie, with their elaborately sculped muscles, as compared to the biggest stars of ...

Product Price: $6.95

Living With Hyperthyroidism PLR Ebook

Graves’ disease, mentioned above – an autoimmune disorder in which the immune system attacks the thyroid, causing it to overproduce T4. Graves’ disease is the most common cause of hyperthyroidism. ...

Product Price: $6.95

Growth Mindset PLR Ebook

What You Can Achieve with the Right Mindset What can you accomplish by cultivating a growth mindset? Well, the short answer is: anything you want. If there’s an area of ...

Product Price: $6.95

Daily Routines PLR Ebook

Even fewer Americans get enough fruit and vegetables each day, with just one in ten eating the recommended four to five cups of fruits and veggies per day. If you ...

Product Price: $6.95

How To Master Self-discipline PLR Ebook

Now that you have a SMART goal, how your self-discipline will help you is clear. You’ll need to complete your weekly training plan in order to meet your goal. Your ...

Product Price: $6.95

Finding Peace In The Chaos PLR Ebook

Identifying What Makes You Worried and Stressed In small doses, stress can be healthy and inspiring. When you stare down a difficult run on the ski hill, wait behind the ...

Product Price: $6.95

Procrastination PLR Ebook

Sample Content Preview Perfectionism Many times, procrastination is the result of perfectionism. This can come about in a couple of different ways. Either you push it off because you know you can’t ...

Product Price: $6.95

Time Management For Success PLR Ebook

Giving quality time to your loved ones simply shows how much you love them. Time is something that is considered very important in relationships. If you give some of your ...

Product Price: $6.95

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