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The self help industry is worth over $9.6 billion dollars a year, according to data by Marketdata. This astronomical number is possible because no matter what the market looks like, people are still willing to spend money on hope.

Self help is one of the few industries that can cater to every human need. It can promise more money, more power, more respect, more health and even more sex – By following the steps taught in a guide, workshop, video or website.

Get a slice of this $9.6 billion dollar market by providing great content and quality products that other people find genuinely useful.

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How To Create Empowering Goals PLR Ebook

Goal setting is a process of intentionally laying out the want or need for a new skill or project in a step-by-step manner. Once the goal is clearly identified, a ...

Product Price: $6.95

Stress Relief Strategies PLR Ebook

An easy, natural, yet incredibly powerful method of reducing stress is as simple as putting one foot in front of the other and increasing your day-to-day physical activity levels. For ...

Product Price: $5.95

Just Say NO to Work-at-Home Stress PLR Ebook

Table Of Contents Introduction Section 1: Sources of Stress Section 2: Set Priorities Section 3: Manage Time Effectively Section 4: Get Back in Control Section 5: Just Say No Section 6: Set Boundaries for Family Section 7: Ward ...

Product Price: $11.95

Confident Goal Setting For Entrepreneurs PLR Ebook

Table Of Contents Introduction Section 1. Why Set Goals – Do Goals Matter? Section 2. How to Set Great Goals. Section 3. The Biggest Goal-Setting Mistakes and How to Overcome Them. Section 4. Step by ...

Product Price: $11.95

De-Stress And Take Back Your Control PLR Ebook

Table Of Contents Introduction 4 Good Stress vs. Bad Stress 5 Turn Stress Upside Down 7 Stress And Aging 9 The Silent Killer 11 Surprising Stress Relievers 13 10 No-Fail Five-Minute Stress Relievers 15 You've Got To Move It Move It 18 Kids And Stress 20 Technology And Stress 22 Holiday ...

Product Price: $11.95

7 Reasons Why You Need To Offer Your Own Coaching Program PLR Ebook

Sample Content Preview What Does This Mean to You As An Entrepreneur? As a business owner, the increasing demand for coaches provides you with an opportunity. As you’ll see over the next ...

Product Price: $11.95

Simplifying All Aspects Of Your Life PLR Ebook

Just like saying no simplifies things, as you assess your life, you may find that you also have toxic people in your life that you need to let go of. ...

Product Price: $6.95

Improve Your Conversions PLR Ebook

Call to Action 1. If you are delivering a digital product such as E-Book, report, software, or script, remind your prospect that the delivery is instant. For example: The delivery ...

Product Price: $5.95

Laser Focused Success PLR Ebook

To help you get started on your journey on maximizing productivity, let’s identify those things that are distracting you from completing your work. Tomorrow morning when you start work, try ...

Product Price: $5.95

Outsource To Success PLR Ebook

So, you already know that hiring the right team of freelancers can help you take your business to the next level of success. In fact, there’s no easier way to ...

Product Price: $5.95

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