50 Self Defense Tips For Women Plr Ebook

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Table Of Contents    3
Introduction    4
Chapter 1:  Basic Self Defense Education For Women    6
Chapter 2:  Fight Or Flight & More Strategies To Learn First    15
Chapter 3: Using Your Environment For Help    24
Chapter 4: Staying Safe In Vehicles    34
Conclusion    50

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Self defense for women should be something taught to children as they grow up.  It is that important and it can be life saving many times over.  Here are some statistics that are a must for you to know as a women or someone that cares for a woman.

•    Every two minutes, some woman, some place within the United States is being raped.  That is 30 women every hour!

•    Every year, over one million women suffer some form of abuse by their partner.  While that abuse is not fatal, they often are repeatedly abused.

•    For any twelve month span, it is shown that an average of four million women are abused in seriously abusing fashions, many more do unreported and unable to be counted.

•    Nearly half of all women will face some form of physical abuse in their lifetimes.  Many will face violent physical attacks.  Many will die from the injuries inflicted on them during these attacks.

All of this should showcase the importance of having a well thought out plan and strategy for defending yourself in any given situation.  It is a very large problem throughout much of the…

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