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Ebook Table Of Contents

Section 1        Pages 3 through 17

Introduction To Blood Sugar, Diabetes And Other Related Glucose Conditions And Symptoms: An Overview                     3
Definitions, Concepts And Terminology                    5
Normality, Testing, Rationale Behind Blood Sugar Levels        6-17

Section 2             Pages 17 through 32

How To Effectively Lower Blood Sugar                    17
Nutritional, Eating Plans, Food Preparation, Meal And Portion Sizes, Food-Groups, Frequency, Choices                            19-30
(i)    Decoding Carbohydrates
(ii)    Making Sense Of The Importance Of Fiber                31
(iii)    A Comprehensive, Pro-Active And Hands-On Approach To Eating And Living Well, Healthy And Balanced, Altered, Lifestyles For Optimal Health                                32

Section 3        Pages 33 through 43

Balanced, Healthy And Active Living                    33
The Role And Benefits Of Exercise, How It Affects Lowering Blood Sugar
Guidelines For Exercise, Workouts And Regimens For Sugar-Related Disease Individuals And At-Risk Groups        36-43

Section 4              Pages 43 through 61

Alternative Therapies, Health Strategies To Lower Blood Sugar    43
Medications, Spices, Weight Loss, Control And Management, Relaxation, Cravings And Habits                     46
Conclusion               52
Glossary                  53-59
References, Resources, Online Links             59-61

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Introduction to Blood Sugar, Diabetes and Other Related Glucose Conditions and Symptoms: An Overview


What Is Blood Glucose/Blood Sugar
And Why Do We Take Issue With It?

When you think about blood sugar, glucose levels, diabetes, testing, machines, strips, not healing well, eating right, losing weight, there is much more to it than these first-glance, in passing type considerations and topics.

When it comes to dealing and coping, even overcoming the challenges, risks and threats to health and wellbeing posed by an imbalance in blood sugar (too high, too low, too fluctuating), we need to take a closer, deeper and broader look all-round, if we are to address it properly.

According to industry and insider specialists blood sugar is about so much more than levels, energy and glucose measuring. It is about

Able To Properly And Efficiently Metabolize Food
Blood Sugar (Bs) Levels Can Also Influence Moods And Emotions
Blood Sugar Is Defined As The Amount Or Levels, Presence And Functioning Of Glucose In The Bloodstream.
Breaking Down Sugar Into Usable Energy
Feeling Great
For Normal Functioning Of The Body You Will Require The  Mineral Chromium In Order To Function.
Having Lots Of Energy
It Enables/Hinders Weight Control
Our Bodies Are Able/Capable To Deal With, Process, Absorb And Discard Levels Of Sugar In The Blood
There Is A Natural Hormone In The Body Which Controls Blood Sugar , Known As Insulin.
These Processes Are Also Important To Overall Health
Throughout The Day

But, why is glucose so important?

It is a building block of our bodily system, required to function properly and optimally.
It is the main sugar found in the blood
The body’s main source of energy
Also called blood glucose or blood sugar.
Blood sugar concentration is an important factor in diabetes.

Here is the process and reasoning, rationale and logic, behind why blood sugar and related processes are and can be critically important:

Sugar in the form of glucose is present in the blood
Typically within the range of normality at 60 to 100 milligrams/ 100 milliliters of blood.
Blood sugar typically rises after a meal to as much as 150 milligrams/l00 milliliters of blood (it will vary from person to person)
Carbohydrates are digested, producing sugar
This in turn circulates in the blood
Our bodies use it as fuel and energy
Absorption of the sugar into the cells is regulated by the hormone insulin (made in the pancreas)
Insulin is then released when blood-sugar levels rise.

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