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An Overview Of Diabetes And How Natural Remedies Can Help

Just as Tuberculosis gripped Victorian Britain in the days before pasteurized milk, Diabetes has developed into the scourge of 21st century North America.  It’s no secret that this potentially devastating disease is on the rise – especially in children, with those of aboriginal, non-Caucasian  descent being the hardest hit.

In a recent study, The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported over 1,300 new cases per year.  This translates to approximately 151,000 young adults and children newly developing the disease in a relatively short time frame.   Other studies have put the figure closer to 235,000. The disturbing factor in these figures: that’s by no means representative of the total population – just of the study groups themselves.

This disturbing trend has prompted other well-documented formal studies to discover which factors are responsible – and whether or not 21st century dietary habits really come into play…

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