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Table Of Contents    3
Introduction    5
Chapter 1:  The Physical Aspects Of Your Adnominal Muscles    6
The Muscle Make Up    6
What Do They Do?    9
Chapter 2:  Where Do They Come From Anyway?    13
The Risks You Face    13
Understanding Insulin Resistance    14
Chapter 3:  Exercise First    17
Talk With Your Doctor    17
Crunches With Raised Legs    18
Bend Over Twists    19
Elbow/Knee Sit Up    21
Additional Exercises Add More Benefit    22
Chapter 4:  Exercising For Weight Loss And Love Handle Loss    27
Spot Reducing:  It Won’t Help    28
Exercising For Weight Loss    29
Why It Works: Your Metabolism    35
Pulling It Together    36
Chapter 5: Your Eating Lifestyle    37
Protein    38
Vegetables    39
Fatty Acids    40
Sugars    41
Antioxidants    43
Supplements    45
Pulling It Together    46
Chapter 6:  Managing Stress    48
The Science Of Stress    49
Conclusion    51

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“Love handles” is a term that is used to describe that area of your waist that allows for others to grab on to you, as if it was a handle rather than a roll of extra skin and fat.

While love handles are traditionally at the side of the body, just above the hips, the term is used to describe more than just this area.  By working to improve this area you will improve your entire waistline, from your stomach muscles to your sides to your back muscles.

Many start off with working on improving their love handles because of the way that they look.  That’s a noble cause, but for health concerns, you should target this area anyway.  Researchers have found that excess weight around the middle is a clear indication that an individual will suffer from heart risks at an accelerated level.  In other words, by having a larger middle area, you increase your chances of developing things like heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

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