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Overview of Snoring and Nasal Congestion
About Sleep Apnea
Who Snores and Gets Sleep Apnea
Snoring and Sleep Apnea Symptoms
Diagnosing Sleep Apnea
Snoring and Apnea Prevention
Snoring and Apnea Treatments
Surgical Treatments
Lifestyle Change
Food and Nutrition
Snoring Children
Snoring Fido

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Snoring has a clinical name. That name is “stertor.” Regardless of what you call it, it happens when the flow of air entering through your mouth or nose is blocked. At the top of the airway the tissues strike against each other and vibrate causing that terrible sound.

While snoring appears to affect mostly men, anyone can snore if the circumstances are right.

Any discussion on snoring must align with sleep apnea. Why is that? The reason is because normally you don’t have one without experiencing the other.

Snoring is not just annoying. It can be the clue to other issues that could very well affect overall good health. Hopefully by reading this guide you will receive enough information to answer your questions.

Overview of Snoring and Nasal Congestion

How can nasal congestion cause snoring?

When we are resting or asleep we breathe through our nose and nasal passages. If something occurs to restrict our breathing while in this natural state, our body automatically takes over and we begin breathing through the mouth. When that happens while we are sleeping, it causes pressure behind the soft palate and uvula (the small tissue that you see hanging at the back of your mouth.)

That pressure creates a vibration that makes sound. It is that sound that we call snoring.

Common causes of nasal congestion.

There are numerous things that can cause nasal congestion. There are also a lot of medical treatments that can fix these conditions, even surgery. If your nasal congestion is chronic it can be caused by one or a combination of many factors.


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