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Part 1: How Do EBay Sales Work? – (311 Words)
Part 2: How Do I Set Up An EBay Sales Ad? – (325 Words)
Part 3: What Products Can I Use For EBay Sales? – (339 Words)
Part 4: How Can I Turn A Profit With EBay Sales? – (340 Words)
Part 5: Tips For EBay Sales – (319 Words)

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Part of insuring the success of your eBay sales venture is choosing the right product to sell.  While you can try selling just about everything under the sun, and some people have, the profitability of most items is limited or nonexistent.  You must choose to sell items on eBay that promise a return on investment.

One way to determine what products sell well on eBay is to look up the history.  When you perform an item search on eBay, you can actually request a view that provides information only on the auctions that have ended.  This will allow you to see the outcome of these auctions and determine if the product you’ve inquired about is selling (and at what price).  Unfortunately, it can be difficult to turn a profit on new items, especially when you must calculate in the cost of warehousing and shipping those items.  This is why many choose to begin with gently used or pre-owned items in their eBay business.

Most people have items around the house that are not in use, and these can be used to “test the waters” on eBay, meaning that the only expense on your part, should the item not sell, is the listing fee, which is only a few cents.  Perhaps you have a pair of jeans that you’ve worn only once, or maybe you have your prom dress or tuxedo that you will never use again (especially if it doesn’t fit anymore!).  These can return a good sum on eBay, and while you won’t recover what you spent, you’ll have cash rather than a useless item that would have just been lying around otherwise.

Now that you’ve discovered a jumping off point, you need to figure out how to budget so that you turn a profit on the items you sell.  What expenses and fees do you have to account for in setting your auction price?

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