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When we wait at appointments, it sometimes increases stress. Everyday we must wait, compete, interrupt, and deal with people around us. All the lively issues we face make us stressful by the end of the day. In addition, the world is moving fast forcing us to move fast along with it. Each day we wake, we must prepare for work, work, and come home to work some more. Let’s face it; we live in a high-demanding, stressful world.

Some of us can deal with high-volumes of stress, yet the majority, find it difficult to cope. WE live our lives worrying about money, children, marriage, relationships, work, etc. Nothing seems to bring in relief. What can you do?

What can you do, it’s called yoga.

Before you consider yoga, let’s think about the symptoms that emerge from stress. The warning signs start early and stretch to mental/emotional and physical conditions. The level of stress is apparently shown, since the ultimate action shows in our behaviors. When our behaviors start showing signs of stress, it is time to take action. Actually, when the warning signs start it is time to take action.

During the day, you may notice symptoms, including irritability. Irritability will expand to edginess, and finally you are uptight, snapping at your loved ones. You are stressed. This means it is time to take action.

The heels are the start of stress, yet the ultimate area of the body that receives the stress is the back, neck, shoulders, etc. With this in mind, we can consider back releases to help you release your stress.

Back releases help your back to remain flexible, while opening your chest, and vitalizing you through energy increase.

How to release the back:

Stand straight up with your feet together and pointing forward. Make sure that you are standing in front of a solid, stable surface. You will need to use the surface to balance yourself. Next, place the palm of your hands on the surface while leaning in. Your chest should be out, your head back, and your legs standing backwards with your back tucked in. Once you are in position (Right angle) on the opposite side, breathe in. Next, keep the arms straight as you bring in your hips and lean forward the surface for support and lifting your head at the same time. Raise the heels from the floor, while your legs are straight. Now you can move in your tailbone. Continuing move the shoulders toward the floor, while lifting the chest. Breathe out, then look up at the sky, ceiling, etc, and hold your position up to five or eight counts. Once you are in position, breathe out again and return your position back to the right angle. Now focus on points of your body.

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