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Chapter 1: Yoga Basics

Chapter 2: What Is Hot Yoga

Chapter 3: How Yoga Helps Stress And Hyper Activity Disorders

Chapter 4: Helping Arthritis Ailments With Yoga

Chapter 5: Yoga Can Help Squash Back Pain

Chapter 6: Spiritual Healing With Yoga

Chapter 7: Emotional Healing Thru Yoga

Chapter 8: How To Practice Yoga Breathing

Chapter 9: Yoga Poses And What They Are For

Chapter 10: Possible Side Effects Of Yoga

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Chapter 4: Helping Arthritis Ailments With Yoga


Dealing with the arthritis condition can be very stressful and painful. Most arthritis sufferers diligently seek medical healing or alternative healing to help deal with the possibly debilitating disease.

Decreasing Pain

For most the recommendation given is couple a good exercise regiment with the necessary supplementation of other medical prescriptions. For those who have ventured into taking up yoga, have found that they managed to achieve wonderful percentages of recuperation, from this arthritis disease.

Thus yoga has over time become the mainstream methods for dealing with arthritis conditions. Yoga provides the gentle exercise routine for the arthritis patient who already has to endure the perpetual discomfort of pain.

Each yoga move has a corresponding counter move and this helps to address the various muscles and joints which are affected by the arthritis condition. Many people who have tried yoga have attested to the almost immediate pain relief they have experienced after only a few supervised sessions.

When yoga is used as a form of treatment to address arthritis, the genes in the body which function as protector of pain and discomfort can actually be mare to function more efficiently to create a relaxed effect. This then allows the patient to find some immediate relief from the pain aspect produced from arthritis.

Some researchers have linked arthritis to deep seated resentment building up in the individual’s system. Thus with the help of yoga the deep seated resentment can be addressed by focusing on restoring the balance in the chakra system.

This chakra system is the primary energy vortex located along the spinal column and is associated with the energy of compassion and love for self and others.

Yoga then helps to facilitate the means for the body to be rid of this negative energy pattern that is causing the arthritis disease, starting from the deepest levels.

Chapter 5: Yoga Can Help Squash Back Pain


Oftentimes people resort to pain killers or other medically prescribed items to control or reduce back pains. If the individual decides to try the art form of yoga to address back pain all these foreign substances can be avoided. Yoga is natural and does not have any of the possible side effects the prescribed medications may have.


If done correctly, yoga can heal back pains effectively because of the stretching and exercising of both the muscles and joints. All it takes is a little yoga exercises every day. Once the positions most suited to the individual are narrowed down to address back pains, the movements can be practiced anytime.

In order to correct any back problems certain contributing factors need to be looked into. The incorrect posture, improper movements, or bad body mechanics, repetitive strenuous motions on the joints and muscles, disc injuries, damaged or inflamed ligaments are just some of these issues.

With the correct supervised combinations of yoga movements all the above can be corrected, some gradually while others more quickly. Through the various yoga poses, specific areas of muscles and joints can be addresses and realigned to restore the centered positions in the body. Some of the common positions that yoga uses to address the back pains are the locust pose, the cobra pose, and a few poses from the tadasasna regiment.

Besides doing all the various yoga poses to enhance the back muscles and strengthen the posture, keeping other regular exercises as part of the daily routine is also recommended. Simple exercises like swimming and light weight training are good ways to build and strengthen the back area.

With the advancement of age, an individual should also be conscious of the strain on the back when lifting heavy objects or doing physically exerting exercises or work.

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