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  • Introduction,  Target Audience And Layout Of The Book       3
  • Causes And Types Of Stretch Marks       5
  • Taking A Nutritional Perspective On Stretch Marks               10
  • Topical Treatments And Herbal Remedies For Stretch Marks      16
  • Improvised Home-Grown Treatments And Therapies That Work!     21
  • Cost Effective Treatment For Stretch Marks     27
  • The Role Of Exercise, Stress And Related Factors On Development And Occurrence Of Stretch Marks.     30
  • Affordable and Practical Alternatives for dealing and coping with SM 41
  • Intervention-Type Therapies, Lasers And Newer Generation Treatment Alternatives      43
  • An Eclectic Selection Of Available Products To ‘Treat’ Stretch Marks  47
  • Conclusion     55
  • Bibliography, Resources and Online Links     58

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Introduction,  Target Audience and Layout of the Book

Most of us, at some point in our lives will have to deal with unwelcome marks and/or blemishes on our bodies. As we age and our weight fluctuates throughout live, our skin and appearance changes, shifts and becomes the focus of numerous uncomfortable stares and self-conscious glances in the mirror. Yes, we have all seen them, touched them and tried to smooth them out – those hard-to-deal with-and-look-at STRETCH MARKS! They are undeniably there and present, for us to dread and others to frown upon and take notice! They are inevitable and everyone and anyone actually have to cope with them in some way, shape or form at and through the different stages in our lives.

There is unfortunately not a lot of escaping this one! Modern science, technology and advancements afford us great ways of addressing and even reducing the appearance and severity of stretch marks.

Medical breakthroughs and even laser-type surgery and treatments leave consumers with lots of choices and options (some easier to live with, less side effects, risk and cheaper than others!).

Some stretch mark procedures are more time-consuming and costly and their impact and consequences you might not always have bargained on, budgeted for or counted among possibilities or risks. This is highly unfortunate. Skin coloration and/or permanent scars are just some of these examples.
Peel-type treatments can be painful and have to be taken repeatedly and outside of most household or personal budgets to be realistic and viable.

Plastic and cosmetic surgery, invasive procedures are still an upscale option for those who can scrape together the dollars to get the job done. The results however will vary and there are no guarantees. As things stand today, there is no ONE sure-fire way to totally preventing, correcting or getting rid of stretch marks.

All of the above leaves one feeling as if nothing can claim to work affordably, cheaply and effectively! Well… almost nothing! We continue in desperation and hope against all hopes and odds that there is a ‘cure’ or method to cope successfully with stretch marks, making them less visible to the naked eye and us more comfortable and accepting of them.

If you want and crave lasting results, naturally, for your stretch marks, there are many wise words and remedies, approaches and techniques to recommend. THERE ARE NATURAL WAYS TO TREAT, MINIMIZE and DEAL EFFECTIVELY WITH STRETCH MARKS! THIS IS THE GOOD NEWS contained in this guide. You will discover through the means and pages of this text, showing and sharing with you innovative ways and products that can assist you in dealing effectively with unsightly stretch marks. Try you hand at the natural way of things, making the most of what Mother Nature provided/provides!

You do not have to resort to drastic, extreme or expensive measures necessarily to get things done. Costly or painful procedures, mediocre results do not have to be YOUR STRETCHMARK TALE OF DESPAIR! You can turn it into a natural solution success story! …

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