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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1:
Cut Down Media Time Before Hitting The Hay
Chapter 2:
Physical Exercise For Better Sleep
Chapter 3:
Use Foods To Sleep Better
Chapter 4:
Jump On The Power Nap
Chapter 5:
Better Your Sleep With Visualization
Chapter 6:
Progressive Muscle Relaxation For Better Sleep
Chapter 7:
Utilize Relaxation Response
Chapter 8:
Use Aromatherapy
Chapter 9:
Does Sleep Really Affect Productivity

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Chapter 3: Use Foods To Sleep Better


A few foods are more tributary to an improved night’s sleep than others. You already have heard about warm milk, chamomile tea and turkey, but there are others, like bananas, potatoes, oatmeal and brown bread. You find yourself driving back afternoon sagging eyelids? Here are a few pointers on eating foods to better sleep.

Yes… I’m Telling You To Eat Sleep inducing foods:

Foods high in tryptophan are beneficial sleep aids. Prior to hitting the sack, try one or more of the following foods to assist you in sleep. The basic denominator in these foods is that they contain tryptophan which has been demonstrated to assist sleep:

· Sesame seeds
· Spirolina
· Spinach
· Bananas
· Figs
· Dates
· Soy
· Turkey
· Silken Tofu


Get a mental picture of granddad last Thanksgiving Day: at rest on the couch, head back, belt open -and it was only six p.m. It’s not his 80 years it’s the turkey. Turkey holds tryptophan, an aminoalkanoic acid that turns to the sleep – advancing neurotransmitter serotonin. To feel the turkey sleep enhancer, try eating a turkey sandwich 60 minutes before bedtime.

Warm milk

Equivalent to turkey, milk bears tryptophan, and the calcium and magnesium in milk assist and enhance the transition of tryptophan to serotonin. As for whether there’s any reality to the old story about warm milk’s slumber – causing powers, there is no study out yet. I’ve heard for a long time that warming the milk makes the tryptophan more bioavailable to the body. However no one has ever executed a clinical study on warm milk vs. cold milk. If the idea of warm milk makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, apply it. If it makes you want to gag, gulp it cold. Either direction, try out a glass an hour prior to bedtime.

Prevent these foods prior to bedtime as they’ve been demonstrated to interrupt sleep patterns:

· Intoxicants
· Sugar
· Sauerkraut
· Cocoa
· Caffeine

Teas & herbaceous plants

A different option to prescription slumber aids are teas made from these herbaceous plants which have shown to be good as a natural slumber aid

· Nepeta cataria
· Hops
· Valerian root (which is in liquid or capsule forms)
· Passionflower vine (brew with chamomile)
· Skullcap
· Chamaemelum nobilis

Good vitamin supplementations

In addition to sound foods, there are a measure of nutritional supplements that may also help remedy sleeplessness. Calcium has long been acclaimed as a natural slumber aid. Think of the advice to drink a warm cup of milk to get better sleep. You are able to get better results by taking 1000 mg of Calcium lactate, or 1500-2000 mg calcium chelate. If having calcium chelate, it’s suggested to take it in split up doses.

Try 1000 mg of Magnesium instead of prescription slumber aids. These supplementations are best taken after meals and at bedtime Likewise helpful to get more beneficial slumber is B complex plus extra pantothen; Inositol, and B6. Always observe the label recommendations.

Try out L-theanine aminoalkanoic acid.

This is a fantastic slumber aid! While L-theanine doesn’t bring on sleep it does calm the “engaged mind” and does bring on alpha rhythm activity in the brain. (It’s among the ingredients listed in Melissa, an all natural slumber aid.) This free form aminoalkanoic acid, gained from green tea, quiets and relaxes without side effects. Additional conditions to get more beneficial slumber.

· A different cause of insomnia may include copper and iron inadequacies in adult females. A hair analysis ought to be done to ascertain if such inadequacies are present.
· Fresh air, melatonin, decompressing with a book, calming music, and a regular schedule are likewise effectual natural slumber aids.
· Yoga and other loosening techniques help clear the mind and abbreviate stress, preparing the body for sleep.
· Make sure to visit your physician to eliminate any rudimentary physical condition that might preclude you from sleeping.

Chapter 4: Jump On The Power Nap


Slowly but certainly, the advantages of the classic, 20-minute power nap are acquiring more acknowledgement, with big companies setting up sleep pods at the office and more software applications like Pzizz assisting to set the right power nap aural scene. Here’s how to get the perfect nap.

10 Minutes Of Bliss

Candidly, although it’s often mocked, the power nap is among the best tools for busy individuals who have to rely on clearness of thought in order to be the most effectual at what they do. T Basically if virtually all of your work involves thinking and wiggling your fingers on a keyboard, blackboard, or waving a writing utensil over a notepad then this most probably applies to you.

What are the rewards of power naps?

A power nap can cause the difference between a beneficial idea and a eminent idea. It can enhance relationships, both personal and professional; by letting you better center on a individual or group of individuals, their message, and enhances your ability to correctly act upon the newly received info.

What precisely is a power nap?

A power nap is a curt nap, commonly between 10 and 30 minutes long, assumed in the midst of the day in order to invigorate you for the next part of the day. Power naps are not like steady sleep, so you won’t be dazed after taking one. While you may have “dreams”, power naps are more related to meditation, where thoughts are permitted to move from the subconscious to the conscious mind and back again without you centering on them. Power naps can be assumed just about anywhere where you are able to fully and honestly relax. The key is that it must be someplace mentally comfy. Physical comfort is likewise crucial, but without the mental solace, the power nap looses its effect. This is why someplace private is pivotal to the successful power nap.

Ok, so how do you power nap?

To begin, find a location where you are able to nap uninterruptedly for at least ten minutes, or for the duration of your power nap. Switch off the lights and, if you wish, put on something restful (or boring) to listen to. You might as well wish to put some sort of an alarm on. Remember to give yourself at least a minute to emerge from the nap process.

Note: One crucial thing to remember is that the longer you sleep, the deeper you’ll go, and the more potential you’ll be groggy when you awaken.

Audio and Lighting

Audio: If you’ve had a particularly troubled day, or if you suffer from tinnitus, it might be helpful to have some kind of noise in the background which you are able to both lock on to and push aside at the same time. That’s since if you had such a day, then relaxing your mind might take too long, or be almost impossible, unless there’s some sound there to focus on. This may be executed with both music and spoken text.

Lighting: This is in reality a bit of a touchy matter. Most individuals urge finding a dark, comfortable place. All the same, that’s more of a personal matter. If you’re power napping out of doors by a lake then you plainly can’t turn the sun off. Also, you might be in an office where you’re unable to control the lighting. Or you might not mind the light at all, or even prefer it over dark. Or you may merely be among those folks who don’t care either way. Anyway, make certain you know what lighting situation is better for you and find a way to get into that prior to beginning your nap.

When you’ve discovered a place, make your self comfy by lying down and loosening your body. It’s crucial that you lay facing up, even if you’re a side- or stomach-sleeper, as this pose will keep your back in suitable alignment and will make it easier for your body to speedily unwind. Ensure that your shoulders and arms are totally relaxed. From this spot it’s all in your head, literally. The enticement here will be to start thinking of something, anything, actively. Don’t! If an idea comes to your mind, that’s fine, let it be there, but don’t center on it; don’t sustain it. Merely let it come and go.

Center on your breathing. Center on how your nostrils feel when air draws in and out, or how the air feels when it hits the back of your throat. If you’re playing something, center on the sound of the instruments or voice, but don’t center on the tune, or what’s being said. Keep doing that as long as you require. This way, no idea can take root, and your mind will start to unload info faster. It might seem that your mind is now full and that you’re considering too much, but remember that you’re not thinking about anything, ideas are just passing. Your mind is now discharging information, and this is precisely what you want it to do.

Quickly you should almost feel like you’re beginning to dream. You might, in fact, do so. That’s o.k.. It means you’re at ease and your mind is refreshing itself.

If you’ve an alarm, when it goes off, merely open your eyes and lay there. Your alarm shouldn’t be too intrusive. You don’t want to frighten yourself out of your nap. Most mobile phones have alarm features which will serve this purpose. Center on your breathing and open your eyes. Feel your body and begin to stretch along. sit up easy and take it all in. Your mind should be clear now.

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