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PLR Ebook Table Of Contents

Table Of Contents    3
Introduction    5
Chapter 1:  Understanding Where The Pain Comes From    6
Diagnosis By A Doctor    7
Why Is This Important?    8
Diagnosing Yourself    9
Causes Of Herniated Discs    10
Chapter 2:  Treatment Of Pain    13
Pain Relief    14
Rest    14
Pain Medication    16
Physical Therapy    19
Surgery    20
Summing Up    21
Chapter 3:  Acupuncture    22
How It Works    22
Using This Method    24
Chapter 4:  Chiropractic Help    25
How Does It Help?    25
Hiring A Professional    26
Chapter 5:  Massage And Herniated Discs: How To Get Relief    28
What Can Massage Do?    29
Massage:  How To    30
Performing A Swedish Massage    31
Deep Tissue Massage    33
Chapter 6: Moving Your Muscles Helps Too    36
Exercises For Herniated Disc/Back Pain    38
Sciatica Exercises    38
Abdominal Muscles And Back Muscles    41
Additional Exercises For Pain Relief    45
Water Exercises    45
Walking    46
Weight Loss    47
Chapter 7:  Emerging Therapies That Help To Relieve Pain Here    48
Oxygen Ozone Therapy    48
Nucleoplasty    49
Biological Repairing:  DNA    50
Conclusion    51

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For patients suffering from a herniated disc, the pain can be unbearable.  In some situations, talking with your doctor and getting long term care is ideal, but, in the short term, pain relief is all that you can think about.  The goal of any situation is to minimize the pain that you feel but also to improve your overall health and well being.  In most cases, both can be accomplished.

For those that are suffering from severe back pain, the most important consideration will be to choose a method to improving it in both the short and long term.  Here, we discuss several key ways for you to improve the pain that you feel, but always insist that the key ingredient to improvement is long term solutions offered by your doctor and care takers.

To get relief from your herniated disc, use these helpful tips and tools that are designed to ease the pain and allow you to get moving the way that you need to, without having to flinch with each move of your waist.  The good news, most will find relief to be easily obtained through constant work on it.

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