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I.       What Is Physical Beauty?                               5
II.      How to Make and Keep the Figure Beau-tiful                12
III.     Beauty of Skin                                     21
IV.     The Features                                     28
V.      The Hair                                                33
VI.     The   Hands                                    44
VII.    The  Feet                                    49
VIII.   Beauty  and  Clothes                               54
IX.     The Plastic Surgeon as a Beautifier                          57
X.      Beauty  During Maternity                            59
XI.     Special Hints for Throat and Bust Develop-ment                   61

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FEMININE physical beauty is recognized by all mankind. Yet it has no absolutely fixed stand-
ard. The savage sees as beauties contours and shapes which to us are hideous and distorted. Semi-civilized man is apt to regard fat and weight as the chief beauty factors. Even civilized man varies in his individual estimates. Those accepted charms of form, face and figure, however, which appealmost to the majority of individuals, may be said to be the nearest approach to an exact standard of beauty we have.

Proportion, color, delicacy, type, symmetry, the flash of the eye, the sweetness of the smile, and a thousand other factors contribute to make a woman beautiful. Every woman has her special individual beauties; some women possess a number in combi-nation. A lovely natural complexion, delicately-shaped hands, shapely feet and ankles, glorious hair, a noble and alluring figure, all lay a duty upon their possessors—the duty of care and preserva-tion. For beauty, physical as well as mental and mo.ral, is a virtue. It is as essential to humanity as loyalty and truth. It is, or should be, the truth of the physical feminine being, expressed in its most perfect terms.

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