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What Are They?
Finding Pageants
Starting Your Own Pageant
Your Pageant Interview
Finding the Right Wardrobe
Pageant Talent
Eating to Remain Competitive
Creating a Pageant Video
Pageants for Teens
Pageant Hairstyles
Professional Photography
What Are the Costs?
A Vehicle for College Money
Launching a Modeling Career
Child Pageants – Pros and Cons

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What Are They

What Are They?

At one point or another, you have seen Miss Teen USA, Miss USA or Miss Universe. With that, you already have an idea what a beauty pageant is and if you think such contests are only for teenagers and grown ups, think again because there is also a beauty pageant for little girls. But what are they and makes it different?

For starters, beauty pageants for girls are not new because this began in the 1960’s. Participants who decided to join such contests were judged based on their capability, confidence, looks, perfection and poise which are quite challenging to achieve at a very young age.

Just like the regular pageants which have an evening wear and swimwear portion, little girls will also have to show their stuff by modeling sportswear and evening attire. There is even a dance and talent portion, which is part of the scoring system.

Since little girls of various ages are encouraged by their parents to join the contest, the judges decided to divide them into different age groups.

Such contests happen all across the USA and since there are no laws concerning beauty pageants in some states like New York, Texas, Massachusetts, Arkansas, California, Vermont and Maine, it is presumed that this is legal for little girls.

To make sure that the pageant runs smoothly and no one will be exploited, the organizers of such events have to set the rules and guidelines. One problem that often plagues beauty pageants is that some parents fake the age of their children so parents are now required to present birth certificates together with the application form.

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