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Skin Care PLR Ebook Table Of Contents

Introduction    3
Skincare: What It’s Really About    4
Skincare Products: Why?    5
What Is Skin Really About    8
What Healthy Skin Must Have    8
Oxygen    9
Hydration    10
Hormones    12
What If I’m Not Pregnant Or Post-Partum    14
Nourishing Your Skin    15
The Externals    17
Smoking    17
Sun Damage    18
Skincare Products: The Truth Is Out There    20
Demystifying Makeup Ingredients    21
Fragrances And Perfumes    24
The Campaign For Safe Makeup    25
5 Skincare Myths Debunked    26
Popular Skincare Products: The Truth    28
Your Skin Type    29
Your Quick Skin Test    31
Applying Makeup – Cleaning It off    32
The Skin Around Your Eyes    33
Recommended Books    33
New Fads In Makeup    34
What You Need To Know About Mineral Makeup    34
Reported Problems With Mineral Makeup    35
Reported Benefits    35
Safe Home Cosmetic Remedies    36
Acne Pimples – Quick Cure    36
Facial Masks    37
Easy Sugar & Salt Scrub    37
Nail Polish    38
Not Just The Face    38
The Neck    38
Your Hands    39
Your Feet    39
Elbows & Knees    40
Nail Care    40
The Bare Minimum    41


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You buy yourself a batch of expensive beauty products.  This time, you swear to yourself, you’re going to stick with it, and really take care of your skin.

Before you know it, your husband needs a ride to work because his car broke down and he doesn’t have time to wait while you “do your face”. Your 3-year-old painted the wall with your $17 eye shadow crayon and $37 foundation. Your acne flared up hideously after you used your new expensive coconut oil moisturizer. The dog threw up right when you were finally going to snatch that bubble bath.

And you’re just… too… tired.. to bother with your `new’ skincare routine

You end up that night splashing your face with water and washing it with the kids’ pump hand soap. You don’t even think of moisturizing. Absent-mindedly, you make it to bed before you realize you forgot all about that expensive night cream you just bought.

If this sounds like you, most likely you’re a normal, everyday mom.  And you’re having the same problem with regular skincare that many other busy moms on the go experience.

But take heart – arm yourself with a simple combination of the right products for your skin and body type, boosted by a renewed understanding of what goes on underneath the surface – and in the cosmetics industry. Afterwards, you may actually find that a small change here and there in your habits can go a long way towards helping you achieve beautiful, healthy skin and a glowing, natural look that is always in season…


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