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Table Of Contents

What is Acid Reflux?
How the Digestive System Works
About GERD
Lessen the Effects through Diet
When to Consult Your Doctor
What’s Next?
Exercise – Right or Wrong?
Simple Tips
Is Surgery an Option?
Infants and Children
Acid/Alkaline Balance
Meal Planning

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What is Acid Reflux?

Early civilization shrugged off acid reflux as a common occurrence — either caused by excessive eating or high acid content in their digestive system. One school of thought was that acid reflux is attributed to stress.

Early Beliefs

Our early ancestors were only able to guess the truth behind the cause of acid reflux.  Some beliefs skirted the edges of truth while others were purely myths.

Those early ancestors considered acid reflux as a natural function of our digestive system. It was diagnosed by ancient doctors that acid reflux is an “internal fire in our stomach” that aids in digesting food. This often occurred when an individual had more eat than the stomach can handle.

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