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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1:
Live With What Is
Chapter 2:
Use Meditation
Chapter 3:
Get Back To Nature
Chapter 4:
Smile Power
Chapter 5:
Stop Depression and Anxiety By Helping Others
Chapter 6:
Keep Hope Alive
Chapter 7:
Hold Your Beliefs Dear
Chapter 8:
Continue Learning
Chapter 9:
Live For Today
Chapter 10:
Getting Rid Of Fear

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Chapter 3: Get Back To Nature


We spend so much time captive in buildings of steel and concrete and bricks that we quickly blank out where we come from. It’s natural for us to be in nature, and this is why it feels so good and it is so peaceful when you take a walk in a park or bike on a trail in the woods.

Get Back To Basics

As I’m typing this, I’m looking out my window to this mammoth tree in front of my house. Observing its stillness, with the wind blowing through its branches calmly, it’s a sight that not only inspires me, but that I find peace within it. If you feel overwhelmed, take a stroll outdoors where there are tons of trees and far from the city. Be there and simply enjoy the sights, the sounds, and the peace.

Nature gives you a chance for unstructured exploration. Most people’s lives are tightly scheduled and routine. Awaken, shower, commute, work, home, sleep. Every day you drive the same route, sit in the same cubicle, and sleep in the same bed. Yet inside each person is a strong urge to start out and explore, to begin a day with only the faintest outline of an agenda, and to find things never seen before. Scrambling over rocks, hiking up mountains, and fording streams will make you feel like a child again.

Nature gets you in touch with the common elements and your primal self.

The modern person is subject to all sorts of rules, anticipations, and constraints. Clammed up and buried in paper work, he must act polite, follow the traffic laws, and abstain from throttling the a-hole who prolongs the company meeting with mindless questions. His spirit is constantly beleaguered. And everything modern man touches lives in and uses has been altered from its original form: sanded, molded, and packaged for consumption. Almost every sound he hears, from the automobile engine to the ringing cellular phone, originates from an artificial source. It’s enough to render every person with a mild form of insanity.

We need to have manners, but the primal side of us shouldn’t be completely suffocated. We must periodically tear ourselves away from civilization and interact with matters in their state of nature. Touch real dirt, sit by a real fire, sharpen real wood, and listen to the pure sounds of running currents and the wind in the trees. Encircle yourself with matter that doesn’t exist entirely for human consumption. Feel things that just are.

Nature gives you space to think and puts your troubles in perspective. In the cities and suburban areas, it’s easy to lose what is really important. The world begins to seem as if it truly does center on your tiny world. And there are few really quiet moments in this impulsive life. In the car you’re listening to music or talk radio, at work you’re centered on the project at hand, and when you get home you turn on the television set and zone out. Getting lost in nature allows quiet, unstructured space in which to straighten out your problems, think through what’s been going on in your life, and design goals for the future. Under the stars and below the trees, it’s easier to see what truly matters. Mountain peaks, rolling rivers, and radiant sunsets will make you and your problems seem decently small.

Enlivens your body.

Every once in a while people must tear themselves away from the choked off air of the streets and the reprocessed air of corporate buildings. Your lungs ache to breathe the fresh air in the forests and mountains. Hiking will enliven your body. While all exercise is good for alleviating depression, outdoor exercise is especially useful. The sunshine, physical activity and inspiring scenery will combine to rejuvenate your spirit and leave you ready to once again take on the world.

Chapter 4: Smile Power


Whenever you’re laughing or smiling, something intriguing happens. Not only does something happen on a chemical level to make you feel better, but it besides stops all stress and negativity from entering your brain.

Grin For Peace

A simple smile can make such a difference. For instance, the other day I mishandled a dish and it fell down on the floor, breaking into bits, producing a big mess.

Now, I could have been furious with myself for being clumsy and thinking “here’s another reason why life is awful!” But I did the opposite. I began to smile and kind of make fun of myself for not being able to hold on to that plate correctly. As I cleaned up the mess, there was no bitterness or anger. As a matter of fact, I did it with a smile on my face…I executed it with peace. So if you find yourself in a similar quandary, just think of the bright side, and don’t be shy to poke fun at yourself. You’ll quickly realize that peace finds its direction much more easily to you when you smile.

How to Smile, Even When You Don’t Want To Physical Technique

The human body affiliates physical responses with the associated emotion. For instance, if you slouch a great deal, your body will naturally feel more sluggish as compared to a individual who maintains a beneficial posture.

Likewise, even if you feel sad, you are able to still draw your lips together and gather up the ends to form a smile. You may find your mood bettering naturally. This method has helped me better my mood innumerable times.

Smile with your eyes. This method involves concentrating your smile on your eyes rather than your lips. Think of your eyes smiling, or twinkling. You’ll find that your entire face will have to lift itself to achieve this. You’ll find your cheekbones lifting up and the tip of your lips lifting up to form a smile.

Emotional Technique

Our emotional state is all in our frame of mind. As clique as it sounds, you’ve gotta want to be happy, in order to be happy. When you prefer to be happy, think happy thoughts. Consider a calm meadow; consider a loved one or a joke perhaps.

Remember, happiness is often a choice. Abraham Lincoln once remarked that “most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” We can decide to be happy or pitiful. Do choose happiness to fill your life.

There’s the expression “Smile and the whole world smiles with you.” Well, expressions like this are really grounded in fact. When you smile, it does tend to touch off smiles in others around you. Even in highly stressful situations, a smile can easily lighten up everyone’s mood.

The worth of a smile is priceless. It can’t be purchased, solicited or borrowed.

It costs zero to give, but is the most earnest gift that one may be able to give to another. A smile brings rest to the fatigued, and is the best counterpoison for discouragement. It imparts sunshine to the sad and hope to the hopeless.

A smile is infectious. Start infecting individuals and winning friends with your smile now.

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