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Chapter 1: What Is Ear Candling

Chapter 2: How Is Ear Candling Supposed To Work

Chapter 3: About Sinus Problems And Issues With The Ear

Chapter 4: About Sore Throats And Ear Problems

Chapter 5: Ear Candling And Spirituality Chapter 6: How To Do Ear Candling

Chapter 7: What The Doctors Say

Chapter 8: Other Natural Ways Of Cleaning The Ear

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Chapter 2: How Is Ear Candling Supposed To Work


It is said that if the body is under tension the flow of energy decreases till it is let go of or entirely blocked. You might not be aware of this at the start, but one of these days symptoms will appear in the body.

The Theory

If this energy gets blocked in the head area, or once excessive ear wax develops, you might develop conditions such as stuffed up sinuses or sinusitis, headaches, earaches, dizziness or vertigo, small hearing loss, raw throat or coughing, allergies or upper respiratory tract infections. If they’re not cleared up, the flow of energy slows up and pain or discomfort commonly sets in.

The removal of ear wax is a really small part of ear candling, as a matter of fact, seldom is any ear wax pulled out at all. Ear wax is necessary to our well-being.

It acts as a shock absorber for sound waves, and along with the hairs in our ears, it barricades dust particles and foreign material that may pierce the ear drum. It’s when we have wax build up induced by noise, pollution, dust, and so forth, nevertheless that issues may arise.

The burning candle behaves like a chimney and draws from the ear. The drawing effect, in addition to the warmth of the candle are said to relax the body, therefore giving back to the body the power to heal itself.

Once relaxed, the body begins to function by nature to heal itself; the wax begins to move again, the circulation comes back to the whole head area.

In the external ear, we have reflex or pressure points, (the same as in hand and foot reflexology). As we work around the ear space, these reflex points are energized by the warmth of the candle and the stimulation of these reflexes may assist in wellness of additional areas of the body as well.

Ear Candling is likewise a Spiritual Therapy. When the candle is burning, we might feel free to visualize issues, fears or guilt being devoured by the flame. Once they’re gone, we are free to move on. Ear Candling consequently may be effective by cleaning the inner self or emotions likewise.

Chapter 3: About Sinus Problems And Issues With The Ear


If you’re suffering with sinus issues or even hay fever, many people wholeheartedly recommend putting aside any reservations you might have about ear candling and giving it a go. But let’s have a closer look at the issue.

A Look At The Connection

If you’re suffering from a bad sinusitis, then you’re more susceptible to sinus ear issues. If your sinuses get congested (sinusitis nose congestion), infected or inflamed, it’s much simpler for your ears to experience the same foul condition.

Most individuals might not be aware of the connection between the sinuses in the cheekbones, the nasal areas and the ears through the auditory tube. This connects the sinuses into the internal ear and this connection makes it simpler for the infections to spread from the sinuses to the ear.

The Eustachian tube’s slender bent shape is really inviting to infections. If water accidentally gets into the ear, this tube gathers up the water which can’t be drained and consequently invites bacterial growth which will then induce an ear infection.

A sinus infection on the other hand is most generally known as hay fever or cold, but commonly, it’s an infection in the sinus cavities. This sort of infection commonly begins from congestion and a little stuffiness in the sinus cavities.

The stuffiness will then induce excessive production of mucus thinking that there are bacteria or dirt and attempts to do away with it. When inordinate mucus is produced and there’s a presence of a foreign invader like bacteria, this will then induce irritation and inflammation in the sinus cavity. Due to the swelling up of the sinuses, the mucus can’t properly drain and will then grow into an infection causing sinusitis and sinus ear issues.

Due to the association between the ears and the sinuses, any congestion that might happen in the sinuses may then move into the ears simply by sneezing.

When you sneeze, the air from your sinus cavities will attempt to escape through different portals inside its range, including the ears. When sneezing happens, the air is pressed through the Eustachian tube and this air may push the bacteria, along with the infection, into the auditory canal and this might cause sinus ear issues.

How may you get rid and prevent sinus ear issues? Some suggest candling but some say simply by cleansing the sinus cavities each morning and evening utilizing saline solution, you are able to get rid of the congestion and bring down the swelling to allow your sinuses to work expeditiously.

This may supply you relief from sinusitis and sinus ear issues. If you unceasingly maintain the cleanliness of your ear canals, this may keep you away from sinus ear issues. You might use cotton-tipped cleaners to take away excessive dirt and wax to prevent the ear from becoming attractive to bacteria.

A different way for you to prevent sinus ear issues is to keep your hands clean. Remember that sustaining the cleanliness of your hands may keep you free from infection and healthy.

If you’re going through frequent sinus infections due to allergies, make certain to always keep your antihistamines handy to forestall excessive mucus production.

On the other hand, if you’re suffering from sinus ear issues or any type of ear infections frequently, then you ought to consult an ENT specialist for further medications that may help you solve your ear issues.

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