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Chapter 1: Introduction To Tai Chi

Chapter 2: About Healing With Tai Chi

Chapter 3: What To Think About When Considering Tai Chi

Chapter 4: What To Think About When Considering Tai Chi For Health

Chapter 5: Basic Tai Chi Benefits

Chapter 6: More Advantages Of Tai Chi

Chapter 7: The Correct Practice Of Tai Chi

Chapter 8: Effective Use

Chapter 9: Researching Tai Chi

Chapter 10: The Things You’ll Miss Out On By Not Using Tai Chi

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 2: About Healing With Tai Chi


Tai chi is an ancient art form of defense using the oneness of body and mind through fluid movements that seem almost non aggressive in style. However looks can be deceiving because although the movements are slow and fluid, they are no less precise and can produce the desired results effectively.

A Healing Experience

Tai chi has no real age limitations. Predominantly practiced by the aged percentage of society, in more recent times the younger set has taken a keen interest in the art form. Hence the age range from 8 to 88 is not surprising.

Once one is fairly familiar with the art form of tai chi and its various movements, the results of energy being quickly and amazingly delivered throughout the body is indeed incredible. This energy transcends all possible oppositions the body may have acquired.

Practicing tai chi allows the individual to awaken the deep inner peace from within. This is made possible because of the slow and almost gentle movements that Tai chi adopts when compared to other martial art forms which seem to take on more aggressive movement patterns.

Many tai chi practitioners also lay claim to the fact that this art form helps to promote greater health benefits for some medical conditions like heart diseases, high blood pressure, arthritis, migraine and other stress related medical problems.

This is mainly because the core idea behind tai chi is to harness the yin and yang properties for the betterment of health through slow and delicate movements which are very precise indeed.

These precise movements help to push energy forces throughout body and bring the body to an optimum health condition.

Tai chi with its calming effects also helps to bring about the resolve of any emotional or spiritual crisis.

As the focus is on the precise body movement and breathing, the thought process is distracted from its original crisis state.

Chapter 3: What To Think About When Considering Tai Chi


In this fast pace world of today, engaging in something that requires patience and time is somewhat of an out of norm thinking. Most people are looking for quick fixes and don’t really want to take the time and effort to explore other avenues that don’t follow this pattern.

What Has To Happen

Before embarking on any new adventure or idea, ideally one should take the trouble to learn as much as possible on the subject matter. Some people simply jumped into taking up tai chi without really understanding its tenants.

Tai chi is basically a slow and gentle movement martial art form which can be also used as an exercise regimen. In the Asian culture most practitioner are from the older generation, simply because of its gentle basic features.

If a younger person takes up tai chi without understanding this basic concept, chances are impatience will set in and that is the direct opposite results from what tai chi is meant to achieve.

Again because tai chi is predominantly a gentler option to choose when embarking on an exercise regiment or martial arts training, it is really quite hard to break out into profuse sweating bouts.

As these tai chi exercises uniformly last for only about an hour – when done as a leisure exercise, breaking into a sweaty mess is unlikely. Only serious tai chi participants who work out for longer periods of time can expect some form of perspiration.

Tai chi sessions should ideally be carried out in quiet, serene surroundings. As a higher level of concentration is required to perform all the various precise movements, someone who is easily distracted would find it difficult to concentrate and thus not get the optimum results tai chi purportedly promises.

Learning the various movements that contribute to the success of practicing tai chi can also prove to be quite a challenge. All the movements are expected to be memorized well. As tai chi is normally done as a group activity, not knowing the respective movements can be distracting.

Chapter 4: What To Think About When Considering Tai Chi For Health


The practice of various forms of martial arts has been around for ages and there are many varieties and variants to choose from. Taking the time to do a little research before making that choice is very important, as this will eventually dictate the success level garnered from the choice made.

Some Things To Consider

There are many aspects to consider when deciding to choose tai chi for either exercise or martial arts training. If an individual already has a preexisting medical condition which limits the time and type of activity followed, then tai chi is a good option to choose.

Being a predominantly gentle and slow moving art form, the level of stress on the body, while practicing tai chi, is quite mild when compared to other forms available.

Opting to choose tai chi as a martial art training regiment or as an exercise is also suitable as it does not require any medications or other supplementary additions. Those already on medications that don’t cause an immobile state of body can embark on some tai chi sessions.

Tai chi is also a good choice to make when recovering from bone related injuries. An individual with an osteoporosis condition can greatly benefit from taking up tai chi.

Because of its low impact style movements, people with weak or fractured bone conditions are able to strengthen their bones after practicing tai chi for a period of time.

Tai chi also helps to develop muscle strength and balance in the health of an older age group. As most elderly people increasingly lose their ability to maintain good balance, using tai chi can help to correct this problem.

The social aspect of taking up tai chi is another advantage to consider. Tai chi is commonly practiced as a group exercise. This allows the participants to interact with each other before and after the sessions, thus providing the much needed and important platform for socializing.

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