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Part 1: Searching For College Jobs – (321 Words)
Part 2: Searching Online For College Jobs – (318 Words)
Part 3: Should You Consider Job Placement Services For College Jobs? – (333 Words)
Part 4: Part-time Or Full-Time College Jobs? – (340 Words)
Part 5: Look Beyond The Ordinary College Jobs – (307 Words)

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You need a job for while you are attending college.  You know that you need some money to afford life as a college student.  But, do you know how much you should work?  What type of job should you get into?  There are many questions that you should take the time to consider in regards to employment during your college years.  If you really take the time to answer some questions yourself, you’ll be able to find the employment that most fits your needs as well as your educational goals.  What’s more is that you’re life will be much more structured and organized, too.

College students should ask themselves these questions when considering how much they should work.

• What does your schedule allow?  If you are able to pick courses, you’ll want to try and pick courses that can be placed close in time to the let out times of each other.  For example, if you can get all of your courses done during the day before and after lunch, you can work during the evening hours. 
• How much money do you need to earn?  Many students need to fund their college education while working.  If this is the case, you obviously need to work more hours.  But, be honest with yourself about just how much money is necessary and how much is money you just want to have.
• What amount of money can you make at the positions that you are considering?  If you can only make a few dollars per hour, you’ll need to work more hours to meet the monetary requirements that you have.  If you can secure employment that is better suited for your budget, you’ll be able to work less hours.

All in all, the ultimate decision about how much you should work and when is up to you.  Take the time to carefully consider these options to make the best decisions for your needs.

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