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Part I- Pick A Pillow To Help Stop Snoring – (318 Words)
Part II- Nose Strips: Can They Help Stop Snoring? – (322 Words)
Part III- Sing Your Way To A Silent Night – (343 Words)
Part IV- Can Acupressure Help Stop Snoring? – (318 Words)
Part V- Beware: Sleeping Pills Can Actually Worsen Snoring – (308 Words)

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We’ve all been guilty of it.  Driving down the road while a song plays from the radio, we sing along not even sure if we know the words.  Its fun, it’s relaxing and it might also be a great way to stop snoring.
When a person sings they are in essence exercising the muscles of their throats.  We use those muscles each day while we talk but they get a more extensive work out when a person sings.  These are the same muscles that are used when a person snores. 
If those muscles weaken a bit we might be more prone to snoring.  Snoring is at the very least a very large inconvenience, and having a solution that is fun and entertaining would make the problem much easier to deal with.
If you do suffer from snoring than it might be time to tune up your voice and pick a favorite song or two to sing to.  This doesn’t have to be done in front of others if you are uncomfortable with your singing voice.  It can be done while you are home alone or in your vehicle as you drive to work.  A few moments, once or twice a day may be the difference between a night filled with snoring and one filled with silence.
A few suggestions for using singing as a snoring solution are:
 Pick a song you are familiar with.  Trying to sing to something new will not only be frustrating but difficult on your voice.
 Pick a song that has an easy to follow melody.
 Vary the choice of songs so you don’t become bored of the exercise.
 Sing in the shower if you can, the steam will help lubricate your throat muscles which also helps with snoring. 
 You don’t have to become the next platinum recording artist, but if singing can stop your snoring, it might be time move from lip synching to actual singing.

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