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Table of Contents

Chapter 1.
Getting Started.
What are Detox Diets?
Benefits of Detox Diets
Types of Detox Diets.
Total Body Cleanse.
Liver Flush
Kidney and Bladder Cleanse
Colon Cleansing
Foot Detox
Factors to Consider
Detox Diet Side Effects
Frequency of Detox Diets.
What do you Eat on a Detox Diet?
Seeds and Nuts
Foods to Avoid
Dairy Products
The Importance of Vitamins, Nutrients and Supplements.
Sample Detox Menu
Morning Snack
Afternoon Snack.
Chapter 2.
Liver Detox Diet.
Functions of the Liver
Nutrient Processing.
Bile Production.
Protein Building
Toxin Removal from the Blood.
How to Follow a Liver Detox Diet
Getting Started
Liver Cleansing Herbs
Milk Thistle
Dandelion Root.
Chapter 3.
Kidney Detox Diet
Kidney Function.
Types of Liver Detox Plans.
The Watermelon Kidney Cleanse
Herbal Kidney Cleanse.
Other Kidney Cleansing Herbs
Couch Grass
Uva Ursi
Corn Silk.
Chapter 4.
Colon Cleanse Detox.
The Role of the Colon.
Common Colon Problems.
Colon Cleansing Methods.
Colon Cleansing Soup Recipe.
Colon Cleansing Tips
Chapter 5.
Lymphatic System Detox
The Lymphatic System
Bone Marrow
Lymphatic Vessels
Spleen and Lymph Nodes.
Lymphatic System Cleansing
Barberry Root Bark.
Buckthorn Bark.
Boldo Leaves
Burdock Root
Cascara Sagrada
Dandelion Root.
Licorice Root
Lymphatic System Cleansing Tips
Chapter 6.
Juice Fasting Diet
Types of Fruits and Vegetables.
Fruit and Vegetable Juice Recipes
Combination Vegetable Juice
Combination Veggie Juice #2
Apple Carrot Juice
Veggie Carrot Juice.
Watermelon Apple Juice.
Green Vegetable Fruit Juice
Orange Kiwi Juice
Breaking Your Juice Fast Diet.
Chapter 7.
Skin Detox.
Dry Skin Brushing
Chapter 9.
Detox Diet for Weight Loss.
The Lemon Detox Diet
Side Effects.
Chapter 10.
Other Types of Detox Methods.
Foot Detox Pads
How to Use Foot Detox Pads.
Detox Bath.
Senna Tea.
Detox Recipe for Soup.
Cabbage Soup Detox Recipe.
Broccoli Detox Soup Recipe.
Carrot Detox Soup
Parsley and Spinach Detox Soup.

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Chapter 1

Getting Started

What are Detox Diets?

While there are many different types of diets in existence today, detoxification diets are becoming quite popular. Herbal detox diets have become particularly popular among individuals who are looking for a way of cleansing their body as well as losing weight.

If you are not familiar with a detox diet, it is important to first understand what is involved in this type of diet. While there are many different types of detox diets, the primary goal behind any type of detoxification is to remove substances from the body that might be toxic or harmful.

The term detox was previously associated with treatments for dependence upon drug and alcohol use, but today the term detox has also now become associated with herbs and particular forms of diets that can be used to clean harmful substances from the body for overall general health.

The process of detoxification itself is actually a natural biological process that removes toxins from the body. Toxins are considered to be anything that could possibly hurt the body. During the process, toxins are transformed into compounds that are not as harmful to the body, such as urine or stools, and then excreted from the body. There can be many different sources of toxins which might hurt the body. In some cases, toxins can even be produced by the body itself through perfectly normal bodily functions. A good example of this would be the ammonia that is produced when protein is broken down by the body. Other possible toxins include:

• Drugs
• Pollution
• Food additives
• Household cleaners
• Pesticides
• Cigarette smoke
• Heavy metals

There are many different advantages to detoxification diets.

Benefits of Detox Diets

Individuals use detox diets for many different reasons due to the broad range of benefits that these types of diets provide. One of the primary reasons that many people decide to undertake a detox diet is to cleanse their bodies of the chemicals that researchers believe we may ingest on a daily basis through air, water and food. It is believed that these chemicals may become deposited within our fat cells. While it would be hoped that the body would be able to cleanse itself of these toxins on its own, if one’s regular diet is lacking in nutrients then it may impair the natural ability of the body to detoxify itself of harmful chemicals. When the chemicals are not removed, they continue to build-up inside the body and may amount to dangerous levels.

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