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Chapter 1: What Is Polarity Therapy

Chapter 2: Polarity In Food For Health

Chapter 3: Dealing With Stress Reduction For Healing

Chapter 4: Polarity Therapy And Touch

Chapter 5: The Contact Point Relationships

Chapter 6: Polarity Stretching Exercises

Chapter 7: Wrapping Up

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Chapter 2: Polarity In Food For Health


With reference to healing, its prana, or chi, critical energy, which keeps the body and psyche living, flowing, and operating well. There are 2 places we may acquire this vital energy of prana: by breathing, and by food.

What You Consume

The mastermind of polarity therapy, understood this considerably. When confronted with sickness, toxicity, and pain in his patients, he oftentimes advised a change in diet, as well as energetic motion with active breathing.

The types of alterations he advised in food consumption frequently included the accompanying: more fresh foods, less cooked oils, less complicated food combinations, and the willingness to sit, eat, and pay attention to one’s food as one ate.

His cleansing and health building diets didn’t include a lot of items typical in today’s grocery stores. Frozen, fried, micro-waved, canned, and warmed-over foods weren’t on his menu. As he stated: There are over 1500 diseases, and only the transgression of nature is the grounds for most of them. Consequently, by getting rid of the cause, a large number of symptoms will go away.

If you consider your own food patterns with love, refraining from the deep-seated inclination to pick on yourself in assorted unhelpful ways, you’ll likely observe one or more regular inclinations: the consoling potato chips in front of the television set, the gratifying snack mid-afternoon as your energy is easing off, the additional cup of caffeine when perhaps you merely need to rest instead of press on relentlessly.

Treating food in the way of polarity we view these patterns a bit differently than in Western nutrition. If a formula is working for you, and hadn’t harmed you in any evident way, even though it’s broadly considered an unhealthy process, we’d talk regard it as being an example of okasatmya.

Okasatmya is being accustomed to that which will be poisonous to some other. We all may think of illustrations of this: the acquaintance that eats salsa hot enough to bring anybody else to their knees, perfectly happily, or the scrawny guy with modest cholesterol who has 5 eggs nearly every morning for breakfast.

We each bear our own little dietary oddities and mannerisms that a different individual, stumbling into our routine inadvertently, would find hard or even injurious to their unique metabolism. If this is working for you, by all means, don’t alter it.

All the same, if you’re working with joint pain, depressive disorder, congestion, weariness, or additional troubles, it might be time to think about what might be called satmya.

Satmya is being accustomed to that which is therapeutic for oneself. Whether that’s a fresh veggie juice in the morning, trying a combining of herbs to invigorate your metabolism, arranging a “salt glow” first thing in the morning to clear off the junk and debris of the night, or putting in more fruits, veggies, and whole grains to your food selection, and less pre-packed high-salt snacks.

Polarity therapy has a good assortment of common, down to earth healing exercises that are simple to do on one’s own. Whether one is acting upon asthma, arthritis, a weak heart, constipation, or the cold, there are remedies for them.
One has to be in that place of determining the need for a change, and being prepared to accomplish it, to introduce this into one’s life. To explore polarity therapy, one has to be open to this new position.

Our every action is our karma, which determines our life here. We’re either a wise custodian or an ineffective manager. Clear thinkers attempt to discover the causes, while the mediocre look for flights from effects.

This sets the entire picture into a different light as to causes, which lie in ourselves, instead of in some microbe. Humanity has to grow up sometime and be responsible for its actions. Only if we comprehend ourselves can we get along with ourselves and treasure this treasured gift of life.

Chapter 3: Dealing With Stress Reduction For Healing


May one hour a week of polarity therapy, massage, lower your blood pressure, lessen your risk of cancer, better your cardio-vascular efficiency, diminish depression, expand energy and help you sleep better? The reply is uh-huh to all of the above.

Ease The Tension

Tension and stress-related diseases have achieved epidemic dimensions in our modern day civilization. The greatest causes of mortality in industrialized lands have switched from the infectious illnesses that were prevailing at the outset of this century to the chronic and lifestyle-related sicknesses now accounting for the bulk of deaths.

According to the American Psychological Association, tension solely causes American workers to omit an average of sixteen days on the job every year. Tension affects everybody and stress disorders are founded on a slow and developmental assemblage of psychological and physical stress reactions throughout the life of the person. Stress surely may become the silent killer!

Possibly, one of the most damaging results of unreasonable levels of tension is the effect on immune reaction. Stress is now becoming linked to and implicated in the pathogenesis of cancer as well as additional dysfunctions related to autoimmune disorders like chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, asthma, yeast infections, and a lot more.

The forces of stress bring on physical problems! The voluntary systema nervosum sends off messages to your muscles to fight or take flight. In reaction to this immediate stress in your body, the autonomic nervous system, which governs involuntary body functions, will ready you by sending off additional blood to your muscles. It will likewise slow up digestion, mental clarity and a few organ functions. There are likewise hormonal reactions that produce a lot of hypersensitive effects on the body. Basically, your body becomes a walking military machine bracing for attack and closing down a lot of vital organ functions you need to sustain health.

75% to 90% of all visits to doctors regard stress-related complaints. Tension is linked to particular illnesses and research has now demonstrated the relationship between our wellness and our emotions.

Many people have a hard time recognizing tension in the body till it becomes an obvious issue like: severe backache, chronic indigestion, headaches, ceaseless colds, deficiency of energy and frequently depression. When it achieves the stage of physical and mental imbalances, it’s become an issue.

Bodywork is a major factor in polarity therapy and helping us to discover where the tension is located in the body. Body work won’t only discover the tension holding patterns; it will educate the body in getting back to balance before it becomes a major physical issue.

Research has demonstrated that body work:

• Aids appropriate movement of fluids through the system including lymph, blood in the arterias and veins, glandular secretions and removal of toxins
• Step-ups muscle response like elasticity of connective tissue, lessens muscle fatigue, and step-ups muscle energy
• Regenerates vital organ function including breathing and circulation
• Step-ups neural activity benefiting both the central and systema nervosum periphericum
• Step-ups the balance in reflex patterns
• Rejuvenates general balance to stress overload

Body work reinstates our coping mechanisms and allows for physical and emotional counterbalance to happen before it becomes a major issue.

Every person is a unique and complex interaction of body, mind and spirit. Illness may best be understood as interference within the dynamic balance of these relationships. The state of wellness exists if these elements function in harmony. Bodywork, which boosts this harmony, isn’t simply a luxury, but is fast becoming an important part of our integrative approach to wellness and health.

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