Christian Faith Healing And The Power Of Miracles Plr Ebook

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Chapter 1: Introduction To Faith Healing

Chapter 2: What Exactly is Christian Faith Healing?

Chapter 3: How Does Jesus Heal?

Chapter 4: Examples of Jesus Healing in the New Testament

Chapter 5: Other Examples Of Healing In The Bible By Apostles

Chapter 6: Our Role As A Child Of God

Chapter 7: Why Faith Is Very Important

Chapter 8: The Duration Of Healing And The Role Of Natural Medicine

Chapter 9: Even When Healing Doesn’t Come

Chapter 10: Why We Must Always Turn To God In All Things

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Chapter 2: What Exactly is Christian Faith Healing?


Good health has always been the ideal and optimum goal of the human existence. In seeking optimum health conditions various forms of this faith healing, comes in highly rated. Most religions practice some form of faith healing and the Christian religion is no exception.

A Little More In Depth

Faith healing is generally regarded as a healing process that invokes the power of healing through prayer with or without rituals. This combination is supposed to bring about the spiritually divine energy and power to cure, improve or give relief to physical and mental health problems.

The Christian faith healing process can be found in both the Old Testament and New Testament of the bible. Some of the faith healing sessions were performed by the apostles while others were performed by Jesus himself.

Christian faith healing usually involves a series of prayer sessions which may sometimes include rituals. Some of these rituals may include visiting religious shrines, temples and even going on pilgrimages.

The idea is to connect the individual’s spirit with that of the divine power of God, so that the intervention and healing process can take place and so causing the spiritual healing to manifest.

For some people with strong belief in the bible, Christian faith healing is the teaching of total belief and confidence in the power of God to heal any and all physical and mental problems without the help of medication.

This belief in the divine power is strong and does in many documented cases prove itself totally successful. The energy and faith released by this strong belief if what contributes to the success of this method of healing.

In today’s world where disease is rampant and cure if often too expensive an option or even totally unavailable, seeking faith healing is often the only solution left.

There are many well known Christian faith healers in the world today, some genuine, while others just capitalize on the weakness and desperation of those seeking their particular form of help. Some

Christian faith healers hold large rallies to help the masses desperately seeking divine intervention for these illnesses.

Chapter 3: How Does Jesus Heal?


The bible is the best source and teaching tool that shows many instances of Jesus healing powers. Jesus healing power has been question and answered, satisfactorily or otherwise many times through the ages by believers and non believers.

How It Happens

Jesus commonly expected three main categories to be in play in order for the healing process to take place. Of the three however, faith plays the biggest role.

Without question it is noted many times, Jesus claiming the faith factor is almost a prerequisite for the healing process to be complete and successful. The faith of the one seeking to be healed is immediately noted before Jesus attempted to complete the process of healing.

Jesus constantly referred to the faith level of the individual seeking healing. Jesus made it a point to link the faith level and healing process whenever the situation presented itself. Therefore the assumption or even scientific deduction that without this faith factor, healing may not always be successful is not completely unfounded.

Another factor in how Jesus heals is with the use of the medicines of the day or even natural resources. Among these instances, noted in the bible, is the time when Jesus mixed spittle with some earth on the ground to form a muddy paste, which Jesus then applied onto a blind man’s eyes. Other times Jesus told the sick person needing healing, to go and wash in a certain pool or stream to achieve healing.

Jesus also wanted those seeking healing, to look to God for the healing needed. In depending on God for healing, Jesus was demonstrating the power that comes from seeking God as the complete healer.

This power that Jesus wanted to unleash in us can only be done with the cooperation of the person seeking to be healed. It is well documented in the bible, the various instances where God’s power was what Jesus called upon to engulf the believer and be healed.

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