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What is PAD?
What Are the Symptoms of PAD?
What Tests Are Used for Diagnosis?
Specific PAD Conditions: Aortoilac Occlusive Disease
Specific PAD Conditions: Arm Artery Disease
Specific PAD Conditions: Buerger’s Disease
Specific PAD Conditions: Peripheral Aneurysms
Peripheral Aneurysms: Renovascular Conditions
Treatment:  Amputation
Treatment: Angioplasty and Stenting
Treatment: Antiplatlet Drugs
Treatment: Endarterectomy
Treatment: Surgical Bypass
Treatment: Thrombolytic Therapy
Preventing PAD

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What is PAD?

PAD definition

PAD or peripheral arterial disease happens when a plaque formation occurs inside the arteries as they carry the blood towards the person’s extremities, head, and major organs. This plaque is usually comprised of fatty substances, cholesterol itself, fibrous tissue, calcium, and other blood substances.

When these plaques build up inside the arteries, this is what medical professionals refer to as atherosclerosis. If this condition is not treated right away as time goes by, then these plaques will become hard and make the arteries narrow. Thus, the flow of blood that carries the oxygen to the entire body becomes limited.

The usual victims of PAD are the person’s legs. Still, however, this condition can also occur in the arteries that carry the blood from the person’s heart towards the stomach, extremities, kidneys and head.

What happens in PAD?

When the legs do not receive enough blood, the person affected experiences numbness and pain. Moreover, the person can also have an increased risk of getting an infection. For some, it may be a little difficult to fight off the onset of an infection once it arrives.

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