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5 Easy Rules for Hard Abs

Ask the average guy to tell you how to get rock-hard abs and he will boast about the newest and fanciest, super-duper “abdominal burning” exercise he just learned that you should definitely try.

Or… more likely, he will tell you to do 50 repetitions of abdominal crunches, sit-ups or leg raises… you know, the usual stuff that everybody believes will give them six-pack abs.

Oh yeah, let’s not forget the tiny detail that the “average guy” doesn’t have rock-hard abs, let alone six-pack abs.

So, stop doing what everybody else is telling you to do, in order to get those hard abs, and start doing what really works.

Here are the 5 easy, but crucial rules to getting hard…abs, that is…

Lose It to Gain It

If you can’t see your ab muscles, it’s not because you haven’t found that “magic bullet” ab-sculpting exercise.

In fact, it may not even be because you don’t have any ab muscles. (If you have been working out even a little bit over the years, you may already have some ab development.)

But, you’ll never be able to see your abs – even if they are the most developed and sculpted abs in the world…if they are hiding under and nice, comfy layer of belly fat.

So, the very first rule of getting hard abs is to lose the soft flab that’s covering your ab muscles.

There is no magic formula for losing belly fat. The only way to do it is with consistent, regular exercise and a healthy diet.

The easy solution is, hike, bike, or jump around for at least 30 minutes every other day.

As for dieting, just try to minimize your intake of sugar and simple/processed carbohydrates.

Cutting down on sugar alone can help you lose some pounds quickly. That includes sugary foods, desserts, and drinks.

Losing just 5-to-10 pounds of fat can make you look harder and leaner, instantly…even if you don’t do any abdominal exercises.

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