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Table of Contents

Forward 6
Note 7
Introduction 8
You and your body 10
Firmer, Flatter Abs .11
What to do beforehand .12
Talk with your doctor .12
Getting a personal fitness trainer 14
Get a physical exam 15
It takes time and effort 16
If you fall off – get back on! 16
You 18
You aren’t perfect 18
What are your targets? 19
Find an exercise buddy .20
Motivation and rewards .20
Body fat index 22
Get the proper amount of sleep .23
You and exercise 25
Make it regular .25
Take it slow .26
Have good form and technique 28
Some exercises you can do .29
The plank .31
Variation on the plank 32
The crunch 32
The crunch with the exercise ball .34
Reverse crunch .35
Pelvis lift .36
The Bicycle 36
Slow bicycle twist 37
Russian twist .38
Torso twist 38
Belly twist 39
Hip twist 39
Vertical leg crunch .40
Vertical crunch .41
Long-arm crunch .41
Reach-for-the-sky crunch (on an exercise ball) 42
Leg raises .43
Leg raise crunch .44
Side hip-lift .44
Slow leg drop 45
Scissor kick 45
Exercise gear .46
You and your diet 49
Fight the cravings .50
Healthy recipes .52
Main dishes 52
Salmon pasta in parsley sauce .52
Cumin seed Rice 53
Broccoli and Cauliflower Gratin 54
Veggies 55
Pan-Grilled Bruschetta .55
Healthy Bean dish 56
Meats, Fish, Poultry 56
Grilled Salmon Steaks .57
Grilled Chicken Breasts with Broccoli .58
Pepper Steaks .58
Lamb Kebabs with Cucumber Raita 60
Get off that Plateau .61
Ab Training myths and the facts .62
The myths and the facts ,63
Spot Reduction (doesn’t work) 63
Sit ups are (not) what you need 64
More reps are (not) what you need .64
(No) Ab exercises for your belly fat .65
Ab muscles are (not) different .65
Things you can do .66
The List 66
Get smaller plates and glasses and things 68
Don’t skip meals .68
Cut down on the snacks 69
Stay healthy – walk whenever you can .70
Eat more proteins, less carbs 70
Nutrition supplements 71
Do eat foods high in fiber – even if they are carbs .72
Exercise whenever you can – even when watching TV 74
Try washing the car yourself, or even mow the lawn! 74
Work out in spurts .75
Avoid foods high in sugars or sugar substitutes .76
Eat healthier snacks if you must .76
Stick with low-to-no calorie beverages 76
Don’t go food shopping on an empty stomach 76
Stay away from the family-sized packs 77
Go brown or whole wheat .77
De-stress and get your beauty sleep 78
Eat your fruits and veggies 78
Stay safe .79
Always check your gear .80
Don’t bite off more than you can chew .80
Always remember to support your back .81
A couple of back stretching exercises 81
Don’t lose more body fat than is safe for you .83
Consult with a trained physician or fitness coach before hand .83
Always remember to adequately hydrate yourself 84
And don’t forget to eat! 84
Don’t jump into the deep end to begin with .85
Dress appropriately .85
Mix and match your exercise .86
Warm up sufficiently beforehand .87
Avoid neck pain when doing crunches .87
Learn to take a rest between bouts .88
Remember to breathe properly .88
Don’t be ashamed to ask for help 88

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Just in case you’re wondering whether this book is for you, or whether you should go and pick up something else for yourself, I will tell you here and now that this book is aimed primarily at those of you who want to have firmer flatter abs, but who lack the knowhow; or who lack the will to go out and do it for themselves.

Not that I will tell you exactly what and what to do, but I will make it so that you have a clear understanding of some of the things that you need to do.

To that end, you will find that this book is aimed for those of you who are only just beginning, or who have only just thought about or glanced at various ways on how to get firmer flatter abs.

I will try and take you through a few exercises which you can do to help you get firmer flatter abs, and I will take you through a few things you can do to change your lifestyle around so that you will be better adapted to get firmer flatter abs.

The one thing that I won’t do however, is to pretend that I am a fitness coach or a nutrition expert or any such individual and presume to tell you exactly what exercises are best for you, how exactly you should do them to get the maximum impact and what you should eat to get the best out of your diet.

Every little piece of advice and knowledge that I have offered up here should be taken as advice only, not as gospel.

To get the best possible advice and knowledge about all facets of getting firmer flatter abs, you should ideally speak with a fitness coach, or a fully trained and qualified individual who can help you with your needs.

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