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Table of Contents

Forward 5
For the busy woman .6
Weight loss and you 8
Take it slow – Don’t expect miracles 9
If you fall off – get back on! 10
Talk with your doctor 11
Five things you should know 11
Get the proper amount of sleep .12
Ditch the stress .13
Naturally sugary .13
Nutrition bars aren’t necessarily your friend 14
Eating more fiber .15
Starvation is not the key .17
Breakfast is key .18
Regular exercise always helps 18
Walking is good .19
Set your goals 20
Give yourself a treat 20
Medical options .21
Self Assessment 22
Be honest with yourself .26
My golden rules for successful weight loss .27
Acknowledge that you are responsible for yourself .28
Realize that it’s not going to be an easy road to follow 28
Decide on a weight loss course suitable for yourself 29
Follow through on this course .30
Find a diet buddy 32
And follow through on it to the conclusion .33
Your target weight .34
Food – the bane of your life? 36
A good diet is a must .36
You and supermarkets 38
Supersize you…please don’t 39
Don’t take seconds (or thirds!) .39
Five ways to fool your stomach and your eyes .41
Use smaller plates and tall thin glasses 41
Portions count – get the correct portion size 42
Eat slowly, chew your food properly 43
Trim the excess fat .44
Drink plenty of water 45
Fight those food cravings .46
Why you have food cravings 46
When 47
Why 47
What .47
A few reasons you get food cravings 48
An interesting example .49
Foods to help you fight the cravings 50
Fifteen quick recipes and meal ideas .52
Breakfast 53
Hearty Omelet 53
Fresh Fruit Salad 55
Maple syrup Oatmeal .56
Main dishes .56
Pesto and Basil Nut Pasta 57
Pesto with Basil and Pine Nut sauce .58
Spinach Fettuccine .59
Warm Sun-Dried Tomato Couscous Salad 60
Veggies 60
Sautéed Spinach .61
Tossed Salad 62
Black Bean Chili .63
Meats, Fish, Poultry .63
Chili Pork 64
Baked Salmon .65
Grilled Tuna Steaks 66
Chicken Baked 67
Snacks and other Sundries 68
Sandwiches 68
Bruschetta with Tomatoes .69
Peaks, Dips and Plateaus 71
Take a running leap off your plateau .72
Exercise – for the birds? 75
Exercise…without joining a gym .76
Move around when you’re watching TV .77
Walk! 78
Take the stairs 79
Cycle .80
What you can do to begin with .81
The short list 81

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Weight loss. Hmm…that’s a familiar theme. It doesn’t seem to be something that many of us can avoid. Wherever we go, diets, foods, exercise, weight loss or weight gain seems to be in our faces. We just can’t escape it.

Many of us have to deal with weight gain issues at some point in our lives or other. Even if it is only to lose a few pounds or inches off our waist lines, or even if it is only to become fit and healthy, we would have looked at our options for shedding excess weight.

Speaking for myself I can say that I have been on a diet or weight loss plan for most of my life. It has only been very recently that I have managed to contain my weight gain problem and also stop the constant yo-yo dieting which was a constant part of my life.

My secret was not really a secret per se. It is merely an idea which has been around almost since the dawn of time, and which most of us tend to ignore in favor of fad diets and fad gadgets which help us lose weight.

I finally wizened up and realized that the only weight loss plan that would work for me would be the sensible, no-nonsense approach of having a well-balanced diet plan.

No cutting out carbs or eliminating them completely, no eating of only one type of food group to the detriment of other foods, and definitely no diet pills or anything along those lines. I plain and simply changed my lifestyle to become a healthier one.

It took time to do this however, it wasn’t something that I managed to do overnight, that would have been an impossibility with the grueling schedule I had. I barely had time to eat a good meal let alone even think of having one.

But once I finally figured out for myself what I needed to do to lose the weight, what I needed to do to keep it off, and where I was going wrong all these years, it was simply a matter of implementing it into my life.

Or rather, once I realized all these things for myself, it was simply a matter of going about making small and gradual changes in my lifestyle to help me achieve my goals.

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