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What Does The Weight Loss Industry Not Want You To Know?

•?Diet Food Is Not Healthy & They Do Not Work (Did you already know that Aspartame has been diagnosed to cause symptoms of cancer? There are a number of chemicals that are used in this diet or “health” food that are actually very toxic to our bodies. If you look at what ingredients diet food has, you’d be surprised at the amount of different chemicals within that are very unnatural to our bodies. Nobody knows what will happen to your body after consuming diet food for a prolonged period)

•?Weight Loss Business Is A Repeat Business: If you get thin, they would be out of business. That’s why you hear about more and more unbelievable stuff being put out for you to buy. Most diets don’t work because they are not supposed to work. The diet industry involves HUGE amounts of money and it doesn’t make sense (from a business point of view) for them to get you thin. It’s a license to print money at the expense of your health.

•?Eating Different Food In Certain Patterns Can Easily Make You Lose Weight: One of the most effective ways to lose weight is a method that makes your body’s metabolic levels run high and your body burn fat in a natural way. Any external gimmick is bound to result in automatic failure (such as pills, potions). Why use gimmicks when the answer can be found within your own body?

•?Working Out Is Not An Effective Way To Burn Fat (A workout has only a 20% effect on your weight loss journey. If you eat the right way, it’s going to have up to an 80% positive effect on your body weight)

•?By Keeping Your Metabolic Activity High You Can Lose Weight Without Any Extra Diet Food, Weight Loss Pills Or Any Other Gimmicks (that have little or no effect but empty your hard earned money from your wallet)

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