Time Management – Making Your Time Count Plr Ebook

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Introduction: What is Time Management?
Why is Time Management Important? Why should you learn Time Management Skills?

How Much is Your Time Worth?
Learn how to put a value on your time – what does an hour cost?
Learn how valuing your time helps you manage your time

Keeping Track: Where Does the Time Go?
Developing a log
Finding the Time Wasters

Setting Goals: Long Term and Short Term Goals
Learn how goal setting affects time management
Find out how to create long and short term goals.

Scheduling: Making the Most of Your Time
Schedule according to your prime working hours
Creating ‘To-Do’ Lists and Action Plans
Learning to Prioritize

Special Tips for Family Time Management
Calendar of appointments
Respecting each others time
Organizing household chores

More Than a Schedule…Final Thoughts
Staying on Schedule requires more from you
How Time Management affects your life

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What is Time Management?

Do you find yourself rushing through your morning, stampeding to the door, making your way through traffic only to arrive 10 minutes late for work because you had to wait for the train?

How does the rest of your day go?

Once you get yourself into work do you need to take a few moments to compose yourself? Perhaps you get a coffee and relax by chatting with a co-worker on your way to your desk. When you sit down you see five items that need immediate attention (some left over from yesterday) and the phone starts ringing.

You forgot the morning meeting! So you start rifling through your papers….

Is this sounding all too familiar by now?

Regardless of whether you work at home, an office or a factory or if you work for a boss or yourself, getting a grip on time seems like a daily struggle for millions of people.

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