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Table of Contents


Chapter 1:
Leadership Calls For Time Management

Chapter 2:
What Causes Poor Time Management

Chapter 3:

Chapter 4:
Realizing Your Present Productivity

Chapter 5:
How To Prevent Disasters

Chapter 6:
Learn To Delegate

Chapter 7:
Time Management Techniques

Chapter 8:
Avoid Interruptions

Wrapping Up

Table of Contents

Chapter 7:

Time Management Techniques


Utilize these techniques to manage your time better.

Manage It Better


Take time to set aside at least 10 minutes every evening to schedule the following day. You ought to normally schedule about 60-70% of your time to allow for disruptions and emergencies. Draw from your list of things that are high priority and arrange blocks of time where you work at a particular area of your business.


Take the time to organize your office by class. Do this by putting all of your pertinent files and info that corresponds together in one place. Put all of your financial paperwork together. Put all of your financial-related matters together. This will help you center on one project at a time and be a welcomed time-saver. Orchestrate your office in addition to orchestrating your time. Utilization lists to keep yourself centered and on track. Being organized is a continual procedure. Spending a couple of hours organizing yourself now will save you 100s of hours in the time to come.

File Systems

A great filing and paperwork system will let you be highly productive. Set your files to reflect the following things:

To accomplish

Naturally, this would hold everything that you aim to accomplish or have accomplished on a periodic basis, whether that’s every day, every week, every quarter or every month. Succinct to accomplish lists are vital to the success of the home business person. You ought to and may likewise file away any old to accomplish lists after having finished them. This will give you archived data and referencing in case you have to go back and seek client or project info.

To study

There is not adequate time in the entrepreneur’s day to study all of the e-mails, postal mail material, magazines, e-books and catalogs that come across his desk or PC. When you’ve info that’s coming from a lot of sources both online and offline, you have to be certain to keep them organized for future reference. File away this material for future reviewing and studying when more time is permissible.

Keep a tickler file online and offline so that you are able to easily access them both at will. Particularly in cases of net filing, you are able to do several matters to better manage your time.

1.) Sort your mail into a digital folder with a label. Makes it simpler to find for future access.

2.) Upload it to your e-mail inbox or e-mail provider.

3.) Transfer the folder to your PDA or additional technological devices

4.) Later or if time permits, view the correspondence and either a.) Erase it or b.) to act on it


Utilize the thoughts folder to hold your originative thoughts and any future thoughts you have for the business. This may likewise be a part of your goals and goal setting, but ought to definitely hold creative thinking thoughts and sparks. You are able to likewise utilize this folder to hold additional ideas or marketing strategies that you chance upon. This is to set the stage to spark more thoughts inside you when you review the folder. This folder has the potential to grow significantly as a big part of any home business is promoting, promoting, promoting.


This folder will bear resolutions to either correspondence that you’ve sent to likely or present customers or answers that you’re providing for yourself. Don’t know how much you charged for that final project you did for X Customer? Look in the resolutions folder. What about the quote that you gave the net phone directory company after they asked about your telecommerce services…it may very well be in the resolutions folder. Resolutions may be in response to questions that you’ve sent out or have received into your office.


The reference folder is vital to your business and helps enormously with marketing efforts. You ought to have correspondence that is referrals for preceding jobs and letters of recommendations in that folder. The reference folder ought to (and may) likewise hold references that you require for other types of projects where another individual is needed. Put differently, if you are a content author but have to find a web designer, look in your reference folder and see who recommends whom as that. This may be a priceless piece of time management and organizational tool for your business. Maximize its utilization by notating and documenting pertinent and relevant info that’s highly targeted to particular niche areas.


Everything that happens upon your desk ought to be copied in some manner. That includes purchase receipts, contracts, bills, tax info, client work orders and any and everything that pertains to your business. In order to lessen the amount of clutter that this may cause, digitally copy everything and store it on your PC or on a back-up disk. Very simply, scan documents into your PC and save it to a specified area. This makes it much simpler to recall it when you require it.


Pretty self-explanatory, this tickler file is for everything that has to be filed away. Develop a scheme that’s simple to remember and takes the guessing out of “where may it be?” This system will let you find the info that you want when you want it, keeping it out of your way and off of your desk.


Learn to utilize your computer effectively and efficiently. Discover ways to take full advantage of it and maximize its utilization for your business. Invest in courses or at least buy how-to books for every program in your system. Your PC may make your days more productive and streamlined toward effective time management if it’s properly utilized. Learning it in its totality and the numerous features that it has will help you make better utilization of your time.

Creative thinking

Creative thinking is the spark and backbone of any successful net business. Without it, ideas can’t take form and businesses can’t be formed. A mind that’s relaxed, stress-free and happy is more conducive to sparks and bouts of creative thinking and has more time to center fully on attaining good business. Spend originative time thinking, reading and exploring ways and thoughts that may improve your business. Little bits of time on a day-to-day basis may help and result in effective techniques.


Daily preparation the night before work the next day helps to produce a synchronized system to help you in your business. A great plan can’t be arbitrarily fudged together but has to be meticulously designed. Without a plan of action in place before beginning your day, you run the risk of getting out of focus and distracted. A plan of action, developed the night before is a blueprint for success for the following day. You understand what your next steps are and what your goals for the days ought to be. You work diligently toward that effort, recognizing that once you’re done, goals (large or small) are achieved and you are able to move on to the next project for your business.

Delineating projects

Making an outline of projects will help the work at home person make more beneficial use of their days and maximize utilization of their time. In order to see a more generative day, it’s great to begin with an outline and work from it. Firstly, list where you want the end result of the project to be. From there, work backward and formulate the steps that it will take to get there. After that, conclude the outline with the opening move of the project and the brainstorming idea(s) that were used to spark the project from the outset. Once you work this way, you’re basically reducing big projects to smaller, manageable sorts to see results. Work slower, more methodically and cautiously to avoid making errors.

Plan around disruptions

Disruptions tend to happen in identifiable patterns with most of them occurring early in the day versus later in the day. Disruptions are never handy nor do they “choose” a time to occur. Plan for bigger projects for later in the day and later in the week when there tends to be fewer disruptions.

Allot deadlines

Deadlines move individuals to action and acquire quick results. Without deadlines, matters simply get accomplished when they get accomplished with no haste behind them. Make a deadline and you’ll be moved to action.

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