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Do you see the problem with this definition?

The Four Elements of the Law of Attraction

OK time for a reality check. We are now going to share with you what needs to happen for the Law of Attraction to work for you. There are four elements to this and you will quickly realize that thinking about something a lot and hoping are not going to make it work for you.

1. You have to know Exactly what you want

Most people have a tough time with this. If you ask the average man or woman in the street what they really want from life the vast majority will not be able to tell you. In order for the Law of Attraction to work for you must be completely clear on exactly what you want.

2. Think about it and ask for it to happen

The Law of Attraction is a universal law. Yes you do need to think about what you really want and you need to ask the Universe to make it happen for you. You will learn more about how this works in later chapters.

3. Visualize you already have what you want

This is difficult for some people to grasp. Once you have decided what you want and asked the Universe to provide it you then need to visualize that you actually have it. You need to feel it, touch it, taste it and make it very real.

4. Keep Believing it will happen

Belief is very important with the Law of Attraction. You do not want to start thinking about things that may happen. You have to stay on track and firmly believe that the thing you desire will happen for you. Do not let any apprehension creep in.

The Law of Attraction has been around for a long time If you think that the Law of Attraction is some new age fangled thing then you are wrong. Mass awareness of it is a recent thing but that doesn’t mean that it is new. People have been teaching that a person’s beliefs are essential for their destiny for centuries.

It wasn’t until the 19th century that the Law of Attraction starting to acquire notoriety in the western world. People in other parts of the world knew about the Law of Attraction long before this. Initially people in the west started to use the power of positive thinking to bring about the changes that they wanted in their lives.

You have probably heard quotes like “you are what you think” and “you are a product of your thoughts”. These go back centuries and the Buddha was among the first to introduce this kind of thinking. People in ancient cultures may not have realized that they were using the Law of Attraction but they knew that it worked.

So the first and most important step on your Law of Attraction journey is to believe that it works. Don’t listen to the negative people who will tell you that it is nonsense. Only when you have total belief in the Law of Attraction will it truly work for you.

In the next chapter we will explain how the Law of Attraction really works…

Understanding how the Law of Attraction works is essential for you to be successful with it. The best way to understand how the Law of Attraction works is to think about the concept of:

“Like Attracts Like”

As human beings we all emit energy into the world. This energy will either be at a low level or a high level. If we are continually emitting low levels of energy to the Universe then we will get things related to these low energy levels back. Conversely, high energy levels attract things related to these high levels.

It’s all about Vibrations

The Law of Attraction is a universal law that is best understood by first considering the Law of Vibration. You need to know and believe that everything in our Universe is vibrating on a continual basis. From the smallest grain of sand to the largest planet it is all vibrating all of the time. Our brains have evolved to block this out so that we can observe a calm, still world.

The truth is that we would find it very difficult to handle everything vibrating around us. So the feelings of these vibrations, and the sight and sounds have been blocked out. But the objects are still vibrating. Scientists have confirmed that colors are nothing more than vibrations at a specific frequency.

You conceive your reality inside your head, and a conversion process has been undertaken so that life is easy for you. The Law of Vibration is real, and the next step is to comprehend that when two things use a similar vibration frequency they are attracted to each other. You are sending out vibrations with your mind at different frequencies to the Universe all of the time.

Like attracts like and your thoughts are what control your destiny. If you send out the right vibrations at the right frequency then you will attract what you desire. You have to be in tune with the Universe in order for it to manifest what you want. So the bottom line is:

Every positive and negative thing that has ever happened in your life was attracted by your vibrations. You are, and have, what you focus on. Your mind controls your destiny. So if your thoughts are negative, your life will be negative.

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