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3D Box Photoshop Action

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Welcome and thank you for your investment in 3D Box Photoshop Action.

This action takes a flat design and turns it into an eye-popping three dimensional box design at the click of a button, without the hassle of going through pages of tutorials!

What You Need

1. You will need to have a flattened version of a design that you would like to turn into a box
2. The box design must have a dimension of 500px by 500px
3. The first 100 pixels wide area from the left must be the side of the box

Instructions of Use

First, you will need to select all the layers that your flat design is composed of and merge it into one single layer. To do this, open the cover design document and press CTRL + SHIFT + E.

Next, you’ll need to make sure your design is 500 pixels tall and 500 pixels wide. Go to Image > Image Size… to verify this. At this point, if your design is not 500 x 500 and you want to force it into an 500 by 500px image (which I strongly recommend against), uncheck the Constraint Proportions checkbox and enter 500 pixels into both the width and height textfields.

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