Avoid Foreclosure Hell MRR Ebook

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Table of Contents

Chapter One – Introduction to Foreclosure – Page 4
Chapter Two – Foreclosure Scams – Page 8
Chapter Three – Protect Yourself from Foreclosure – Page 12
Chapter Four – Pre Foreclosure – Page 17
Chapter Five – Surviving a Foreclosure – Page 20
Chapter Six – Restore Credit Following Foreclosure – Page 22
Chapter Seven – Foreclosure Glossary – Page 24
Chapter Eight – Resources – Page 31

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Chapter One – Introduction to Foreclosure –

There are a number of different events and situations that lead homeowners to the brink of foreclosure, including an unexpected job loss, or even a severe medical emergency. However, a number of other actions, even simply choosing the wrong type of loan when you purchase your home can also send you into similar dire financial territory.

If you should happen to take on a riskier loan, even if you do not have to pay a lot of money right from the start, you can find yourself facing foreclosure, especially if the interest rate on your loan is a variable rate meaning that it can go up when interest rates increase every year.

It does not really matter what the reasons are for your dire financial problems. What does matter is that all is not lost. There are options and alternatives available to you that are well worth trying. You still may be able to save your home, by filing for bankruptcy, or re negotiating your mortgage. If you want to try to save your home by avoiding foreclosure, then you will benefit from reading the entire book.

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