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Have you reached the point that even your smallest and insignificant decisions take a lot of your time? This is a red flag, do not ignore this. This means that your ability to focus is off the rails. Now, you may be thinking that this just has something to do with your mindset or your psychological processes.

I’m sorry to say but it runs deep. Because if you are having a tough time making decisions, this means your personal focus is off and normally your focus has an impact on other areas of your life.

Possible Solution

When you have a tough time with willpower and focus, you might want to consider what you do physically; you might reconsider what you choose to eat; you might want to revisit your daily physical routine. All of these are tied in together. Your choice of ritual like it or not has a big role to play in your state of mind and your ability to focus.

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When you keep holding off on making choices, two things could be happening. First, you really don’t know how to decide so you just kick the can down the road. Similarly, you just run out of personal focus; you just don’t have the willpower to make the decision. You think you have an idea of what the right choice is but you just can’t quite get off the fence. This happens to the very best of us.

And unfortunately, the more we postpone these decisions, the bigger this bad habit becomes. You may start with relatively small and significant choices with a fairly light consequences, but if this becomes a habit that don’t be surprised if you start holding off on life or death decisions. These things have a way of snowballing. And worse yet, the more you do this, the harder it is for you to make a decision until you reach a point you just can’t make a call at all.

Possible Solution

When you’re having a tough time making decisions, pay attention to your physical habit. Do you work out in the morning? Do you get some sort of exercise? What did you eat? What do you normally eat in a typical day? Who do you hang out with? These questions might seem like they are not related to each other but they are; they all go back to the same place.

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As we get older, we begin to look at the world in terms of shorthand. We only listen for certain keywords and then we assume that whatever somebody is saying is what we think it is. The same applies to the stuff that we read. We don’t really read anymore – we scan, and once we see certain keywords, that’s when we read some more then we rush to conclusion.

If this is happening to you, welcome to the club. This practice is a manifestation of the fact that most people really don’t allow themselves to learn something new. We feel that there’s not enough hours in a day, so we have to rush through it – we just don’t have the time. The truth is, we don’t give ourselves the time. We don’t allow ourselves to be open to new experiences because we either think that it would be too scary; it will take too much time or too much effort. Whatever the case may be, we just don’t allow ourselves to do it – this is a problem.

If you want to be effective in whatever you do and more responsive in your relationships, you need to break out of this. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done.

Possible Solution

There are a couple of tricks that you can use to jumpstart your natural sense of curiosity. This may not be obvious to a lot of people but they are quite effective. You have to understand that your willingness to learn something new doesn’t just impact your effectiveness at work; it also impacts how interesting you are as a person. It has a big role to play in how you view life. [Click here] to figure out how everything fits together and what you can do about it.

Remember when you were a kid and in the middle of February you can sit up and get all excited about Christmas? It’s not really so much Christmas that excites you, but the process of waiting for Christmas. In fact, if you could jump into a time machine and track yourself, as well track your emotional states as each day comes while you get closer to Christmas. The real emotional excitement is the anticipation of Christmas happening. That’s what makes Christmas fun, not necessarily the day itself but the whole process of looking forward to something.

Unfortunately, as we get older, we lose this ability. Maybe it starts with the bad news that Santa Claus doesn’t exist. “The death” of Santa Claus is part of growing up, but the problem is a large part of ourselves dies with Santa Claus. And as we get older and our sphere of knowledge becomes more and more specialized, we lose the sense of anticipation. We just don’t look forward to new experiences, new people, new situations.

Now, you may be thinking that this is just people thinking and operating efficiently; that is definitely true at some level. But there is a lot going on here because if you are not careful, you begin to fear new projects, new situations, new people. I’m not talking necessarily about terror here but fear in terms of that it would take up too much of your time; it would be too much of a hassle because it would throw you off your daily routine. Whatever the case maybe you don’t look forward to them, they are inconvenience to you.

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