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Chapter 1: Why Transfer Factor

Chapter 2: The Benefits Of Transfer Factor

Chapter 3: Scientific Evidence Of Why It Works

Chapter 4: How It Deals With Your Immune System

Chapter 5: Healing For Cancer

Chapter 6: Healing For AIDS

Chapter 7: What All Can Be Linked To An Out of Balance Immune System

Chapter 8: Change Your Diet

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 2: The Benefits Of Transfer Factor


In this chapter, we will talk about 2 major ones. There are two major sources where transfer factor is extracted. We will examine this later once we understand a few things about how transfer factor works with the immune system.


In order to live healthy and live well, one must recognize that the immune system must be ‘trained’ – in other words, regulated in order to do the right thing.

Transfer factor accomplishes this effectively with a two-fold effect. First of all, it trains the immune system by sending ‘system’ data over to teach the immune system to properly build up its defenses against the bad guys.

In one sense, it doesn’t give the body a fish – it teaches it how to fish. This means that instead of fixing the actual disease, it proficiently equips the body to handle virus attacks. That is why it is so potent.

A helpless village no longer waits for the lone hero to ride in and rescue them from the bad guys, the villages actually learn how to take up arms and fend for themselves even if the ‘hero’ (medicine we take from the doctors which often do not fix the entire problem) is not around.

The second benefit of transfer factor is that it teaches the ‘police force’ to fight the right people rather than the wrong people! Autoimmune disease is equally bad because they can destroy the health of a person unless transfer factor properly regulates it.

Balancing the population (or the overpopulation) of the immune system, it provides the right check and balance to make sure that everything is working fine.

Transfer factor is largely extracted from two sources – cow colostrums and egg yolks. Ever wonder why mother’s milk is always touted as ‘better’ than other milk for young children? It’s health benefits are closely related to transfer factor found within the young mother’s nursing ways.

Chapter 3: Scientific Evidence Of Why It Works


I bet you are probably very curious as to how a miracle product like this works. People nowadays have been victims of many health scams but the truth of the matter is, you have to study diligently why something like this works.

What Has Been Shown

Have you ever wondered how babies protect themselves from diseases?

We don’t give them much medicine (the same way most stressed out individuals in the 21st century numb their pain when any sickness flares up). Don’t even talk about a good defense learning mechanism against previous illnesses because babies born into the world don’t have particularly enough ‘combat experience’ if you know what I mean.

Simply put, babies are vulnerable.

Given the nature of survival of the fittest, one cannot imagine how babies all around the world survive the horrors of sicknesses – and it could be even worse for undeveleloped countries with limited medical access (or rampant diseases!) However, the way nature has designed for us to survive in this harsh reality is truly miraculous.

Here’s the punch line – babies survive on what’s IN their mother’s milk. You can say that transfer factor exists within it.

Now, think of transfer factor like downloadable software. Through mommy’s milk as a channel, the baby ‘downloads’ the survival patterns from the mom who has lived through countless flu and fevers so that the baby’s immune system learns to defend itself against diseases without having to go through themselves! (Imagine Neo from ‘the Matrix’ downloading Jujitsu without going for a single class…)

The bottom line is this – health programming is transferred via transfer factors. The immune system’s natural defenses learn the moment a baby is born into the world. And the best part is, it is a natural process of survival – far more potent than the strongest medicine in the world you can get at a pharmacy!

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