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Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: The Beginning

Chapter 2: About Being Real

Chapter 3: A Secret And Treasure

Chapter 4: The Bigger Picture

Chapter 5: Teaching Others

Chapter 6: The Right Questions

Chapter 7: Life Lessons

Chapter 8: Imaging And Teaching

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 8:

Imaging And Teaching


We walked across the flagstone parking area in front of the home, and on down to the horse barn. Standing in front – clad in the boots, riding britches, blazer and white blouse of an equestrian – was Rachel. She looked and walked over to me. Stuck out her hand, and said, “I’m Rachel.

We’d gone back to the living room and Rachel came in. Rachel sat down next to me on the couch. “I like him”, she informed her husband, and she smiled over at me. “Where’d he come from?” she asked no one particularly.

“We met Thursday evening at the meeting in town,” stated my host. “I asked him to come to visit Friday, and we’ve been together since.” “So”, Rachel turned to me, “what have you been doing?”

“I truly don’t know where to start. I tried my best to report on all the things we’d said and done. As I did, I realized what a massive amount of info, thought, fresh ideas and experiences I been open to – all in less than twenty-four hours.

Trusting And Teaching

Tell me”, she inquired, “What’s next for you?” “The place to begin,” I started“, is to build habits of belief which support my goals.”

“Smart boy – captivating boy”, she stated to her husband.

“So, where will you start?” “Ah”, I contemplated aloud, “with my goals – and a few general habits of belief I already recognize will support whatever I decide to accomplish”. “Want a suggestion?” she inquired. “Certainly”, I sounded out. “Play with your belief habits firstly.”

“All right,” I stated, slowly. “I think that my habits of dis-belief affect my power to produce my goals realistically – and by that I mean without the limits of what I’ve thought was conceivable. The kinds of habits I have today – or at least, have had, till today – have gotten me to where I am today. So, they obviously require a little work, as I’m not where I wish to be. “So,” I continued“, first step – balance, or begin to balance my life.

“All right,” said the 2nd keenest networker, leaning forward from his seat“, and how is that accomplished?” “That’s my query for you – both,” I stated, and I sat back, waiting to see what arrived next.

Rachel inquired, “So, we were discussing your habits of belief . . . Having to balance the scales with fresh habits . . . and you were about to ask us how that was done – correct?” “Yes,” I stated. “Well”, Rachel answered, “I’d like to hear what you’d do, first”. “All right”, I stated, by now not at all surprised that the issue had been quickly dropped back in my lap. “I’d have a look at my life. I’d take some from that and build beliefs, fresh, favorable habits of belief around that.”

Simply know that because of all the old habits you’ve formed over the years, these fresh ideas and images might seem silly to you now, she said. “Well,” I stated, closing my eyes to bring to mind an image of me standing on the stage in front of that applauding crowd.

“What were you doing just now?” “Well,” I told her, “I was conjuring up the picture and looking at it”. “Fantastic!” she proclaimed.

“Why so fantastic?” I asked. “Because getting that picture in your mind, is precisely the process you utilize to alter any habit of belief you have on any matter, anyplace, anytime.” “Even though these images are imagined, your brain accepts them as though they were real, as though they were actual experiences you’ve had and were merely recalling.” “See what I’m saying . . . ?” Odd, I really did see what Rachel was saying.

At last I stated, “This is it – isn’t it? This is how you form different habits – mental habits of belief that support you in producing what you wish in your life. Astonishing.” “Yes, it is,” Rachel stated.

As we were leaving the kitchen, the keenest networker turned to me and inquired, did I play billiards?” Pool?” I inquired in return. “No, billiards”, he answered. “No pockets. Three balls. Two white – one red.” I stated I’d never played, though I’d seen tables like that before and had wondered about the game. He took me through another part of the house to a fantastic room. The table itself was an antique. He concisely explained the object of the game to me. As we took our shots, we spoke about all sorts of things. I inquired if he and Rachel shot together and he said they had. I asked who was the better shot and he said he was. I asked if he meant to teach Rachel to be better than he was – and he said, “Nope”. We played and talked for another hour or so.” Billiards is really a lot like Network Marketing,” he said. “In many ways.” “It’s a game of placement. Of course the shot right in front of you is crucial, but you have to likewise think ahead two, three shots or more. You need to make the first one successfully, but you’re forever planning for the next one.” That likewise builds momentum. And when you approach your business-building from that bigger perspective, your priorities switch and you start to center on longer-term concerns.” “Like?” I asked him. “Teaching teachers is a great illustration,” he told me.

“Commonly, when you’re centering on teaching individuals to teach individuals, your results are slower in coming than if you centered on merely teaching individuals how to sell products and sponsor people. That’s a simpler job, and it yields bigger results faster in terms of yielding sales income – at least at first. “But when you teach individuals to teach people, you move from producing results to empowering other people.

“Once I came to comprehend how the business works, that it depends upon our ability to effectively sponsor individuals who know how to teach people how to teach others, my business started to grow for real.” “For the most part, you’ll be working with beginners, turning them into pros. And, ‘pro whats?’ is a good question. Pro teachers.”

“Naturally, you have to teach individuals to use the products and recommend them passionately to other people, and they have to know the high points of the compensation plan, and most especially, to have a deep, abiding respect and pride in net promoting itself . . . all that’s crucial. But more than anything else, they have to be taught to teach others to succeed.”

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