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The second step in the ultimate success formula is to plan a strategy. The same thing. When you have a specific goal, you can plan your strategy easily.

Just say you’re an owner of a local coffee shop. You’re making a profit of $5,000 monthly. You’re thinking of expanding your business. You might want to increase your profit to $7,000 monthly in, let’s say, a year. What you’re going to do? Maybe you’ll work for more hour, work harder or maybe increase the variety of food you’re selling.

What if you want more? Let’s say making a profit of $2million monthly from your local coffee shop. Sounds unbelievable? It’s not achievable? True enough. Making $2million monthly from that local coffee shop is impossible if the owner is using the same strategy. What if the owner invests on share to build a larger modal? Or invest on R & D to develop a superior brand of coffee, support reliable new suppliers, build a franchise system and then license thousands of business owners around the world to sell his coffee.

Would it then be possible for you to make a profit of $2 million monthly? Of course you can! With flexible strategies, anything can be possible.

Step 3: Take consistent action

The third step is getting you to take action consistently. Taking action moves you towards your goal easier. Taking action is also what that separates the dreamers from the doers.

Many highly educated people often ended up working as professionals or consultants for successful entrepreneurs. Why? They have the knowledge. They know what to do. But they never do what they knew they should.

Do you know people who are less intelligent or less talented than you actually achieve more than you? This is because they tend to take more action than us. They work harder, that’s why they can achieve more. Why intelligent people fail to take consistent action towards their goals? Our emotional states are what that drives us to our action. We are always holding back by our emotions like fear, uncertainty, and anxiety. Emotions like motivation and enthusiasm will get us excite and make things happen.

Many people have bright ideas and they also have the intelligence to do it but they lack of personal mastery in emotional control. They can’t bring themselves to the state where they need to be in order to make things happen.

Step 4: Failure as Feedback

If you take action, there are no 2 possibilities. The first possibility is you achieve success by moving towards your goal.

In the other hand, we might not get what we want when we take action. We might experience what we don’t want. This is what everyone calling – failure.

Will every one of us experience failure? Yes. We will! Instead we can say that the more action we take, the more likely we’ll experience

failure. Successful people tend to achieve more because they take more action. These people also experience more failure than others because the more action they take, the more failure they might experience.

Ways of people dealing with failure

What separates people who often get what they want from the majority who get anything they want is their response to failure. The response to failure makes a huge difference. Here is 3 ways of people dealing with failure.

Pattern 1: Give excuses, blame & give up.

Most people what will they do when they experienced failure? They will start to think of excuses. They’ll start to blame around them. They’ll be saying things like “I don’t have enough time”, “I don’t have enough resources”, “I’m too old”, “it’s too difficult”.

This group will feel helpless and frustrated. Their emotions will eventually stop them from taking action and give up!

This group of people often says “I’ve tried it and it didn’t work”. They stop taking action. They’ll resign from moving towards their goals. Do you know people who are like this? You might as well have experienced this before.

Write down the instances when you gave yourself excuses, blame everyone around you or gave up on your goals.


Give excuses, blame & give up

Pattern 2: Keep taking the same action again and again. Give up after some time.

There are people who have a lot more determination than the ones in the first group. They take action and when they experience failure, they’ll try again by taking the same action. They’ll try again if they fail again.

What will people in this group said when they experience failure? They’ll be saying “I didn’t work hard enough, that’s why I fail”. This group of people will work harder and harder to achieve their goal if they fail. They’ll put more effort, energy in doing it and they will work harder and harder.

Can they achieve their goals? Yes they can, if they set small goals. What if they set big and exceptional goals, like becoming the top of their field? They’ll never achieve just by trying and trying again. They’ll experience a better result but not achieving their goals.

WHY? Because they keep taking the same action without changing the strategy. If you keep taking the same action, you’ll get the same results. Pretty soon, they’ll start to get frustrated. Eventually, they’ll resign from believing they don’t have what it takes and stop taking action. Do you know people who are like this? You might as well have experienced this before.

Write down the instances when you keep trying the same thing again and again and you fail to achieve what you want. Do you feel frustrated and eventually give up taking action?

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