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Table of Contents

Present Yourself in a Professional Way 3
Why It’s Important to Be Honest, “Real” and Humble 4
Turn Criticism into a Positive 5
Make Use of Industry Specific Networking 6
Public Portfolios – Use the Press to Help Build Your Authority 7
Network Where Your ‘Audience’ and Target Customers Are 8
Building Authority Is about ‘Preselling’ Yourself 8
Creating and Marketing Your Brand – Using Content to Build Your Authority 9
How to Leverage Your Personality to Build Authority 11
Be a Leader, Not a Follower 12

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Turn Criticism into a Positive

Everyone receives criticism. Even the smartest, coolest, and most on-the-ball people in the world get negative feedback. In fact, if you don’t get any negative feedback or criticism then you’re not doing something right. Maybe you’re not taking big enough risks. At any rate, you can turn negative feedback into a positive with a few savvy steps.

1. Monitor your brand. Make sure that you know what people are saying about your brand. That means monitoring social media and setting up alerts so you know when people comment on your blog or on any guest blog posts.

2. Does it deserve a response? Not all criticism deserves a response. Sometimes people just complain to have something to do. Some folks are looking for a fight. Don’t engage. However, if the comment is valid, interesting, or it’s an issue that can be resolved, take immediate action.

3. Extend a hand. When someone makes a complaint or leaves negative feedback, you can immediately begin to change the situation by reaching out personally to them. Introduce yourself, empathize or apologize, and give them a next step to take. This next step may be to contact you personally or to offer a solution.

4. Be professional and empathetic. Put yourself in their shoes. If you keep the conversation public, for example on social media, then you can resolve the issue in front of your audience and the world. It’s an opportunity to be of service and to help someone out while building your authority and your brand.

5. Get people involved. Ask questions, invite comments, and ask people to share their story. Let your happy, and not so happy, customers provide you with opportunities to engage and to share and connect with a larger audience.

You won’t make everyone happy but you can take advantage of some complaints and negative feedback and showcase your professionalism and authority by solving their problem. Sometimes the best word of mouth comes from previously unhappy customers. Stay on top of your brand and respond as quickly as possible when it’s useful.

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