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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1:
The Art of Convincing People – Why Would They Want Your Product?
Chapter 2:
Showing Them the Value
Chapter 3:
Personal Vs Professional
Chapter 4:
Don’t Just Be a Merchant; Be a Leader
Chapter 5:
Social Networking
Chapter 6:
Making Your Emails Interesting… And Useful
Chapter 7:
Being Supportive
Chapter 8:
Tips to Win Over Your Competition
Chapter 9:
Ethical Selling
Chapter 10:
Give Till It Hurts

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Personal Vs Professional

The days of blatant capitalism and feudalism are gone. Today, people aren’t much interested in buying from companies that are almost dictatorial about what they sell. We speak here about companies that churn out products according to their own whims and fancies, without taking the concerns of their market in mind. If you do that – if you build a product without concern for the needs of your target market – you aren’t going to sell many of them.

The professional touch has become extremely important. If you have been checking out how businesses operate on the Internet nowadays, you will see that there is a lot of personal touch in their dealings. They aren’t imposing upon people any longer. This personal touch is being felt in various ways.

These companies are sending personalized emails and even printed material to people’s homes. This makes the prospects feel important.
They are providing them with money back guarantees which are a response to the market concerns about buying an unknown product.
They are maintaining blogs which are actually a portal where they can be interactive with their target audience and see what they really want.
They are providing capable support systems, which mostly operate on a 24/7 basis so that they can be there to support their customers when they want them.
They are conducting surveys and a lot of market research is being done as well, which clearly indicates that they are quite alive to the needs of the market, which are rapidly changing.
Products are also being priced in such a way so that more and more people are able to afford them.

It is the era of such companies today. Businesses that are choosing to stay authoritative are slowly getting wiped out. The norm is to change and present a more personal face to your market.


You like buying from a leader. So, if you have to sell, you have to be one too.

Don’t Just Be a Merchant; Be a Leader

Another aspect of businesses today is that people are no longer interested in buying from the also-rans. Despite the recession, the people who really matter for a business, i.e. the people who have the money, are preferring to buy from the market dominators. It is also about recall value. Now, when you have to buy a music player, you would first consider the iPod. If you want to buy a cola drink, you would want to go for either Pepsi or Coke. People think about the market leaders first. If they can afford them, they buy them.

This works on the Internet as well. If you are selling something here, you need to become a leader. Dominate the market. Build your recall value. When you do that, your business is almost assured.

But, it isn’t an easy task to become a leader. Here are some things that can help you reach there.

1. Become highly invisible on the Internet. Make your product visible. Make your brand visible. You can do this in various ways. One of the ways is to start various affiliate marketing campaigns for your product so that you have an army of people promoting what you are selling. Another way is to exchange links with other businesses, even your competitors if possible, so that you become more visible on the Internet. You can explore other such means that can bring your business on various places of the Internet.

2. Establish your authority through avenues such as writing articles, maintaining blogs and publishing eBooks. Only people who know their stuff can do such things. When you become an author pertaining to the subject your business deals with, people look upon you as an expert. If you do it well, you could also become the go-to person for your realm.

3. Don’t shoot down the blogging idea at all. This will be an extremely important tool for you. Your blog is your mouthpiece with your audience. It helps you to connect with them. And, when people ask you questions, jump at the opportunity and give them proper answers.

Establish your supremacy by becoming seen on the Internet and showing people that you know your stuff. When you do that, you will see the business starting to happen automatically.


Social networking isn’t just fun. It is also your way to connect with your people.

Social Networking

Why social networking really works in today’s milieu is that it helps you to connect with your people. It is the new-age method that helps you reach out to exactly those people who would be interested in your product. All social networking websites today have facilities where you can build groups or communities. In these places, you can promote your businesses to the hilt. That’s because these people are already interested in knowing something about the stuff you are selling. By joining your group, they become a part of your circle. Or, if you join a group that already exists, you already have a good number of people to whom you can promote your product.

The best sites to socially network with people are the sites that have the highest number of people. By that yardstick, the following sites are the best:-
Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/)
MySpace (http://www.myspace.com/)
Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/)

But you could become a member of any number of such websites if you can manage to keep yourself up to date with them. Most of these websites have searchable databases where you can find people who would be useful to you. Search them using relevant keywords. Once you get a list of such people, send them invitations. Those who join are interested in what you are going to tell them through the group.

Once you are a member of these sites, you can also search for already existing groups. It is a great idea to become a member of all such groups because it helps you know what people are talking about your business. This also becomes an avenue for you to build contacts, if not business. You can see what people are really looking for and improve your product accordingly.

So, make the most of the social networking websites. There’s a lot of potential there to be unleashed on your business.


Emails are great ways of communicating personally with people. However, there are some things you need to remember.

Making Your Emails Interesting… And Useful

There is a very thin line of difference between business emails and spam. Not only do you want your emails not to look like spam, but you also want to give them an effective punch so that people really take notice of them. Here are some ways in which you can do that.

Be very careful about your very first email that you send after a person signs in. This is the make-or-break email. When people opt in to your list (thus opening their inbox door for your emails), they are usually awaiting your first email. The first email will almost assuredly be opened and read. Now, if you provide them with quality stuff here, they are going to be impressed and will want to read your forthcoming emails as well.

Make sure you always provide quality content. There should be some information that is useful to the reader. It is best if you can highlight your information with headings and subheadings, use bulleted or numbered lists or do something similar to present your content well.

Do not raise expectations too much either. That will make the bar higher for your subsequent emails. It is enough if you give them one good thing at a time.

Give them something free with every email. It could be something as simple as a great reference website URL. You could also consider gift vouchers, free downloadable material, trial subscriptions, demo offers, etc.

Always make your emails interactive. Place several buttons on your email for people to click on and be diverted to your website. Again, a great website ensures repeated visits and, the nirvana of all email marketers, bookmarks! Make sure you concentrate on your website as much as you do on the emails that you send.

Concentrate on the subject line as well. This is one place where you rivet their attention, and they are going to see the subject line before anything else. Spell out the topic of your email clearly and make it clear to the people why they should spend time opening and reading your email.

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