Skin Care PLR Autoresponder Email Series v2

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Skin Care PLR Autoresponder Email Series v2 Features:

* 52 Weeks Pre Written Autoresponder Emails
This isn’t just ANY private label content. These newsletters are written to effectively promote best-selling affiliate products for an entire year. All the work is done for you.

* List of Top Affiliate Programs
Comes with high-paying, high conversion affiliate programs from Clickbank, Commission Junction, Shareasale, and others – just sign up! Once you’ve got your affliiate links, you put them into the content and bam – your newsletters are branded and ready to make you money!

* Opt-In Template For Each Niche
Pop in YOUR autoresponder information, and you’re ready to upload this page to any domain and start collecting leads!

Opt-In Template Preview:

Skin Care PLR Autoresponder Email Series

Skin Care PLR Autoresponder Messages v2Titles:

– Myths About Acne II
– A Recap Of What We’ve Learned
– Listen To Your Body
– Acne And Its Types
– Application Of Products
– Milestone #1: Keeping A Balanced Diet
– Help Your Skin Clear With These Tips
– Physicians Vs. Dermatologists: Is Diet Really Related To Acne?
– Sample Acne Clearing Diet
– Cure Your Acne Naturally
– The Immune System And Acne
– The Digestive System And Acne
– Natural Ingredients That Soothe The Skin
– Rosacea Vs. Acne
– The Physical Effects Of Yoga For Acne Relief
– Skin Sensitivity
– Finding A Good Skin Care Regimen
– Birth Control As An Acne Treatment?
– Herbs To Soothe Acne Symptoms
– Natural Cures For Acne IV
– Vitamin Supplements For Acne
– The Emotional Effects Of Acne
– Selecting Cosmetics For Acne Prone Skin
– Benzoyl Peroxide
– Vitamin Supplements For Acne
– Acne & Skin Care Glossary: Part II
– Milestone #2: Maintain A Balanced Diet
Pregnancy And Acne
– Get Rid Of Those Pimples
– The Bad Side To Exfoliating
– A Few Quick Facts About Acne
– Dealing With Scars
– Yoga’s Cognitive And Psychological Effects
– More Herbal Alternatives To Acne Medications
– Are You Doing These Things To Stay Clear?
– Natural Cures For Acne Relief
– Fasting To Detoxify The Body
– Body Acne
– Non-traditional Vs. Traditional Acne Treatments
– Myths About Acne
Stress And Acne
– Three Milestones To Replenish Your Body
– Bad Foods Vs. Good Foods: Find The Balance
– Topical OTC Medications To Fight Acne
– Acne & Skin Care Glossary: Part III
– Bad Foods Vs. Good Foods – Part II
– Milestones 2 & 3: Healthy Body, Clear Mind
– Controlling Dry Skin
– Natural Cures For Acne
– Acne & Skin Care Glossary: Part I
– Blue Light Treatment
– Washing Your Face

Sample Affiliate Program Preview:

Herbal Health Stop

Variety of health products including skin care and weight loss. Affiliate program pays 50%.


Professional Grade Skin Care & Natural, Non-Irritating Makeup. Huge variety of skin care products and makeup. EPC for Top Affiliates Ranges between $36.31 and $66.33; 30 Day Cookie Duration; 15% Commission; Exclusive Discounts and Coupons ONLY Available via the Affilliate ProgramAffiliate Program administered by Google Affiliate Network.

Make-Up USA

Company has been manufacturing and developing cosmetic products for over 100 years! Affiliates earn 15% commission with a second tier offering of 5% commission.

Make Me Heal

Markets “Top Beauty, Skin Care, Anti-aging & Make Up Brands, Physician-Recommended Products.” Earn 20% Of Net Sales On Over 4000 Cosmetic Surgery & Beauty Products,

Facial Gymnastics: Complete Facelift In 7 Days Without Surgery.

Teaches facial exercises you can do to reduce wrinkles. “Stopping The Clock Of Aging And Banishing Wrinkles On The Face Forever Right In Your Living Room.” Affiliate program administered by ClickBank. Commission is 65% ($20.79).

LifeCell Skin

“Revolutionary New Breakthrough In Skin care Science That Makes Lines And Wrinkles Virtually Vanish Before Your Very Eyes.” Site claims that this one product can replace all others in your possession – works on skin, under eyes, dark circles, brown spots, etc. Pays an amazing 50% commission on sale price of $189.


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