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Part 1- What Is The Raw Food Diet? – (298 Words)
Part 2- How To StartThe Raw Food Diet – (291 Words)
Part 3- Where To Buy Organic And Raw Food For The Raw Food Diet – (315 Words)
Part 4- The Advantages Of The Raw Food Diet – (275 Words)
Part 5- Concerns About The Raw Food Diet – (305 Words)

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Organic foods are the best kind of raw food for raw foodists, because they are foods which have been prepared without using chemicals. Organic foods are now available in a wide variety of products, not just fruits but even cookies. While organic foods can be more expensive then regular foods, they can also be more convenient, as there are many companies starting in cities that will actually deliver organic fruits and vegetables to your front door. This makes organic produce an easy choice, as raw foodists must eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, and you may not be comfortable with the idea of pesticides on your fruit. Whether or not you choose organic produce, always wash your produce.

Raw grains may be more difficult to find. Most foods in grocery stores have already been frozen or otherwise processed in some way. If you live in a bigger city, you may be able to find a specialty store catering to raw foodists, where it will be easy to get all food raw. Otherwise, you may be limited to bulk food sections of grocery stores or online ordering.

Fortunately, nuts and seeds will be easy to find. Almost all grocery stores have bulk and bagged nuts and seeds available, and you only have to make sure that these foods have no chemical additives. Another concern you may have is that nuts often have added salt, but if you choose bulk nuts, salt or other flavorings have rarely been added.

As vegetarianism, veganism, and the raw food diet grow more popular, there is a greater variety of foods available both online and in grocery stores for you to choose from.

Another option is to grow your own guaranteed organic foods in your own backyard garden.

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