Simple Techniques to Help Control Your Stutter Plr Ebook

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Introduction    3
You Can Use Easy Techniques to Control Stuttering    4
Can Medication Help?    15
Special Needs:  Stuttering in Children    18
Is a Speech Therapist Necessary?    22
Progress, Not Perfection    24

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Stuttering is an embarrassing problem.  When you are unable to communicate clearly, it impacts every area of your life.  It can interfere with your relations with other people, and cause you to become withdrawn.  You may be so embarrassed by your speech that you speak as little as possible.  You feel as if your speech is ineffective–  that you are not getting your point across.

If stuttering has been a problem for you, do not give up hope–  there are solutions!  You can learn to take control of your speech, rather than allowing it to control you!

There are many simple techniques to help control your stuttering.  When you browse through all of the possibilities, you should start to feel optimistic.  When you try these techniques, you will learn which ones work the best for you.  From the comfort and privacy of your own home, you will find it very easy to master these techniques.  You can then begin to apply them to your everyday speech.

Even if you have stuttered for many years, these easy techniques will become practical solutions to your stuttering.  They will help you to learn how to communicate clearly and effectively.  Talking to people, in groups, and even publicly, can be as enjoyable as it was meant to be–  each and every time.

Mastering the easy techniques to control your stutter can do wonders for your self-esteem.  When you have learned the art of communicating smoothly, it will increase your confidence in your daily life.

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