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The year 2000 not only symbolized the start of the 21st century. It was also the time of the ‘dotcom bubble’ or what is commonly referred to as the period of disappointment over the overrated and anticipated boom of the information technology industry. The industry, well, quite boomed, but not to the extent perceived and forecast.

At the height of the Internet bubble was the realization that the online media needs further modifications. From about 1996 to the early 2000, the term search engine optimization started to become a common industry phrase. That is because Internet that time was rapidly increasing its popularity. The online medium was also reshaping its own landscape.

The use of search engines proliferated. That has been due to the fact that the number of global Websites shoot up robustly and the volume of contents, both relevant and irrelevant, flooded the Internet. And boy, the influx has been quite awesome and overwhelming! To be

able to survive the competition, Websites have to make sure the content of their sites are appropriate and well accessed by numerous online users.

From 1996 to 2000, SEO copywriting was still not formulated. To optimize Websites, operators and owners had just needed to formulate and create Meta tags or titles and submit the tags and the whole Website to directories and search engines so that search listing would include the Website. During those years, the concern of SEO specialists was to make sure the search engine ranking was high through visits from online users. It wasn’t important whether the site actually made money or successfully sold items.

The advent of Internet marketing changed the overall landscape of the Internet and of SEO rankings. From 2000 up to the present, search engine rankings now depend on the actual number of usual visits of Websites, plus, the effectiveness of such sites in selling products or calling readers and consumers to action.

Now, Websites know and acknowledge the importance of keyword-rich content. Copywriting now requires writers to follow keyword densities and appropriate uses. That is because keywords dictate the overall effectiveness and search engine rankings of specific SEO articles. SEO article writing is also referred to as ghost writing. That is because the actual and real writers of the SEO articles are not revealed. Unlike in usual forms of writing, there is no by-line is SEO copywriting. The written output would be considered as an intellectual property and legal ownership of the Website to which the content is found and contained.

Internet businesses and merchandisers make use of the Internet as an effective marketing venue by using Websites to directly sell products and services. Usually, there are links and advertisements that are put in various Websites so that online readers and intended clients would get to see the ads and click on to make purchases or be redirected to the site of the advertiser.

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