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Part 1- What Is Self Hypnosis? – (326 Words)
Part 2- What Can You Use Self Hypnosis For? – (294 Words)
Part 3- Common Concerns About Self Hypnosis – (313 Words)
Part 4- How Does Self Hypnosis Work? – (258 Words)
Part 5- How Can I Choose And Use An Effective Prescription In Self Hypnosis? – (298 Words)

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Many people have scary ideas associated with hypnosis. Hypnosis is often seen as a method of mind control, especially if you have seen a stage hypnotist act.

For people who are concerned with this, self hypnosis may be easier, as you remain in complete control of everything that happens. For others, it may be easier and more comfortable to choose a professional hypnotherapist, as in the beginning it can be difficult to self hypnotize.

During hypnosis, you will remain completely aware of everything around you. When you leave the hypnotic state, you will remember everything that happened during hypnosis. The exception to this is if you fall asleep, in which case you will remember however much you normally remember of the things that happen before you fall asleep.

Another concern people have is that while they are hypnotized, they are more vulnerable and receptive to suggestions. While you are hypnotized, you are more receptive to suggestions and to words. However, your conscious mind is still aware of what is going on, so you will not act on a crazy suggestion. You need to be more receptive, in order for the prescription to work best.

A common fear is that a person who has self hypnotized will not be able to wake up. But during hypnosis, you are still conscious and aware. You can simply instruct yourself to wake, and you will. If you are concerned that you will forget to tell yourself to wake up, you must remember that even if you don’t tell yourself to wake up when you take a nap, you still do naturally wake up. Also, you will eventually become hungry, thirsty or tired. So even if you could forget to wake yourself up, your body would simply do it for you naturally.

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