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1. Subject: Three ways the sun damages your skin

Dear NAME,

Are you a sun worshipper? The sun is a necessity. It gives life to most living things on this planet. We need it. In fact, you need it to make vitamin D which boosts your immune system and helps you achieve good mental and physical health.

Yet, it’s a mixed bag when it comes to the sun because every minute that you’re out in it, you could be exposing yourself to skin damage. In fact, any of those “normal” signs of aging are generally caused by the sun. Over time the sun’s UV (ultraviolet) light damages the fibers in your skin. These fibers, aka elastin, break down and your skin begins to sag and stretch more easily.

Sun Exposure Causes

1. Freckles and brown pigment – Freckles pop up on your skin when the melanocytes become damaged by the sun. Melanocytes produce melanin which helps protect your skin. When they get damaged, they release too much melanin and you get freckles. It’s a powerful signal that you’re damaging your skin.

2. Wrinkles – If freckles aren’t enough to motivate you to protect yourself from the sun, what about wrinkles? The damage to the elastin causes your skin to lose its elasticity. It begins to sag. Over time this damage adds up and you’ll see wrinkles appearing as you age.

3. Visible veins – As the sun damages your skin, the collagen is destroyed. This breakdown causes the thinning and spreading of veins and venules which are the tiny veins. You’ll most often notice these tiny red lines on your face including the sides of your nose.

These are certainly unpleasant side effects of sun damage but they’re not deadly. However, sun exposure can also cause many different types of cancer including the most dangerous type of skin cancer, melanoma. It’s a tumor that begins in the melanocytes in the basal layer of your skin. This is a cancer that can and does kill.

According to the American Cancer Society, more than nine thousand people die from melanoma each year. ( Next time we’ll take a look at three more ways the sun can damage your skin and we’ll explore some of the different types of cancer. Until then, put a hat on, wear sunscreen and protect your skin from sun damage.

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